Sixty-six civilian organizations worldwide signed the statement supporting the new Hungarian Constitution

Monday, June 24, 2013

Worldwide, 66 civilian organizations from 50 countries have signed so far the statement that strongly support the new Hungarian Basic Law especially, the section that defines marriage as union between a man and a woman. The campaign was initiated by “Profesionales por la Ética” civilian organization of Spain that sent the statement to PM Viktor Orbán on Monday informed Bertalan Havasi the prime minister's press secretary the Hungarian News Agency.

The signatory organizations believe that the alarming attacks on the Hungarian constitution are based on ideological manipulation, and they expressed their conviction that Hungary's constitution is based on democracy, the rule of law and basic standards of human rights. The foreign civilian organizations are convinced that the Hungarian constitution reflects and respects European constitutional practices and serves as an example in many European nations in the current serious economic and demographic crisis. Finally, the signatories call for respect for the sovereignty of the Hungarian people.

Lately, Rupert Scholz German constitutional lawyer praised the supreme law of our country; in his view, the new Hungarian Constitution is exemplary and modern. In an interview with a Swiss newspaper the German constitutional lawyer remarked that the new Hungarian Basic Law aligned with the European Charter of Fundamental Rights more than any other European Constitution. According to Scholz, people who are accusing the Prime Minister of Hungary of building a totalitarian system are blind. And the critics that claim that the Orbán cabinet restricts press freedom and media independence are wrong as these rights are included in the basic law.

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Anonymous said...

The Swiss Canton model of direct, participatory political engagement is a good example to work towards. There are SEVERAL, annual binding referendums on local, regional and national issues. While the Swiss politically participate in their society, the citizens of the Western "democracies" are trapped in a system of corruption and duplicity they are powerless to stop.

I wonder what Western "Democratic" governments will do when citizens in local communities have spontaneous referendums on issues and simply "vote" a result and a new "Democratic" reality ?

At least (local) referendums can be considered "democratic" and represent the "will of the people". This is more than can be said for the current phony system of representative "democracy". Local communities holding referendums my break the current political trap - simply vote a new "democratic" political reality and watch what happens.

Look at all those local folks in the town square exercising their "democratic" rights by referendum !,_2013

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