Slovakian authorities snatched Flag Bearer László Skultéty's remains from a Romanian cemetery

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén and State Secretary Zsuzsanna Répás called on the "Slovak side" to immediately stop falsifying history and return Cavalry Flag Bearer László Skultéty's remains to its original resting place.

In a press release, the two politicians expressed their horror over the removal of László Skultéty's remains from a Romanian cemetery. The Hungarian politicians are "deeply appalled by the fact that the remains of Cavalry Flag Bearer László Skultéty (born as Gábris László) that served in the Hungarian army for 81 years, and laid to rest in the Arad, was dug up by Romanian authorities on May 21, and on the same day Slovakian authorities spirited out of Romania”.

So far "no one has questioned László Skultéty nationality"; the two Hungarian politicians expressed their disbelief over the fact that Slovakian and Romanian authorities exhumed László Skultéty's grave in great secrecy and snatched his remains."
This is how the monument of László Skultéty looks like after Romanian and Slovakian grave robbers removed his remains

If Slovakian authorities weren't aware of the historical facts they should have been reminded by the Hungarian only inscription on the tombstone. At the minimum, Slovakian and Romanian authorities should have notified the Hungarian side about their plans as László Skultéty was a Hungarian historical figure said the politicians.

Zsolt Semjén and Zsuzsanna Répás regret that the Slovak side still hasn't learned the lessons of history. After trying to assimilate the Hungarian minority in Slovakia they attempt to do the same thing with Hungarian historical and cultural icons as well.

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(Notes: This is not the first time that the twenty year old state that was created on a chunk of land carved out of historical Hungary has tried to claim Hungarian cultural and historical icons as their own. A few months ago, for instance, they portrayed Ferenc Liszt and Béla Bartók as Slovakian composers. Shortsighted Slovakian politicians believe that the current world order from which they have been benefiting a great deal will remain the same forever. But their sponsors who engineered the current geographical divisions in the Carpathian basin will step down from the stage of history one day and vanish just as other epochs disappeared in the dustbin of history. No political or geographical arrangement remain the same forever. All injustices perpetrated in history will be revisited when the karmic law deems it right, and those perpetrated them will be held accountable for their actions. Nations that vent their historical frustration on minorities make a huge mistake if they think they can get away with it. The current world order that they temporarily have been benefiting from vanishes one day. The karmic wheel constantly turning, nothing is carved in stone.)


Anonymous said...

Guys, what are you talking about- Hungarians are geneticly Slovaks speaking a non-Slavic language with an artificial national tradition from 19the century...

Anonymous said...

Even family names of persons (Olympion winers) show that today ethnical Magyars (Hungarians) are product of at at least mixing with Slavic (Drábik, Kovács, Kozák,Risztov, Cseh, Csernovicki, Kassai ) and Romanians (Iancu, Vajda)

Anonymous said...

And Ilona Tóth pf course :-)

Anonymous said...

Even the worlwide most known Hungarians had Slovak etnical origin:

Anonymous said...

Nationality is not genetics. It's genetics ONLY to the JEWS. Yes. that ritually mutilated Tribe.

My father was 3/4 German. My mother in law is 100% German. They both feel, and declare themselves Hungarian. Nationhood is CULTURE, NOT genes, stupid Slav (or are you really a Jew, because only your kind is into this bloodline shit big time). In fact, since you are bringing this up, because the cultural identification is incomprehensible to Jews, I'm willing to bet significant amounts of money, that you ARE a JEW - pure and simple. Poles are Slavs (genetically too, I presume), yet they have love for other Slavs around them, but feel kinship with Hungarians.
You ignorant STUPID (Slovak?) JEW, you forgot Yugoslavia, where Slavs nations of various sorts were killing each other big time, fighting for independent NATIONHOOD just a few years ago.
Czechoslovakia fell apart and the Slavic(!) Czechs cut you lose because they felt they are better off without you. They haven't regretted it; they're indeed better off without you, the Slovaks.

Slovaks on the whole, are genetically stupid (just ask ANY Czech).

Stupid Slovak JEW, we do NOT buy into YOUR fundamentally RACIST-to-the-core standard of nationhood. Nationhood is CULTURE, shared values and shared history, not race or genes - by OUR standards; and YOUR standards don't matter.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Slovaks have their own culture, they reresnt therefore a different nation and so they had a right to go in their own way in 1918 :-)
As regards stupidity of Slovaks - look at a real results and progress which Slovaks did during last 20 years - and compare it, please with a situation in the Hungarian state :-)

Anonymous said...

If Slovaks are so stupid it was only a good luck for Hungariaons thet you are not after 1918 more with them in one state :-)

Anonymous said...

When I come across a slovak or romanian in my part of the world the'll be going into the ground and don't worry the'll be no reason to dig them up to better my social status in 100 years.

Anonymous said...

"Slovaks" are an artificial nation created from the territory of Northern Hungary. They have no culture, history, traditions of their own, only what was invented by Fico (read about "Wise historism").

Anonymous said...

National identity has nothing to do with bloodline, but it has everything to do with culture. If you bring up say a white child in a Chinese cultural milieu that kid becomes a full blown Chinese when grows up just like any native Chinese kid. If you follow the ridiculous bloodline theory then American identity doesn't even exists as the U.S. made up by immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Hungarian (and Slovak) fascist politics... 95% of "Hungarian" are originally Slovaks.. We are Slovaks and you are too!! But it is about identity and it is normal. And he was born in Slovak Republic and he was Slovak!! Zsolt Semjén wants to make argues between Slovaks and Hungarians because he wants your votes (same like Ján Slota)!! Stupid government in both countries!! Now we are solving this "problem" and in between they are stealing our money and they are laughing on us. Yes, good work brothers!! Please, I want peace between us. I was in Hungary a lot of times, people are good and polite (I tried to say "jó napot kívánok" and some of them answer me also "dobrý deň") but on internet we always talk like ***. Stop

Anonymous said...

The New World Order NWO Globalist agenda is deflect attention away from themselves and have the Nationalists fight amongst each other. It is important to focus the BLAME and RESPONSIBILITY for the past +century of wars and scams on the Globalists. Hold them (financially) responsible for the break-up of ethnic nations into artificial states. Everything is a downstream consequence of the Globalist (Sovereign City of London, et. al. ) agenda. The same successful, divide and conquer agenda is played-out today.

An intense focus needs to be maintained on the Globalists to play the same game against them - expose their identities, create wedges in their ranks, get them to fight amongst themselves - divide and conquer.

Hungarian from Felvidék said...

Idiot anonymous, Hungarians are not "Slovaks". Rather the opposite, Slovaks are part of the Hungarian nation. The so called "Magyarization" Slovaks always babble on about, affected demographics minimally. Just like Lajos Kossuth said, there is not Slovak nation.

We Hungarians just want Slovaks to stop their chauvinist politics, and return what belongs to us ("South Slovakia"= North Hungary).

Anonymous said...

The Cancer Stage of Capitalism and current Globalist agenda for trashing society and civilization is explained by John McMurtry.

Anonymous said...

It's worth to take a look at this euroatlas to see what countries existed in different historical periods. Click on the century list on the left side to see how the map of Europe looked like in that particular period.

For instance, in the year 1000, four dominant states existed in Central-Europe: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia

Anonymous said...

Slovaks as a non-cultural nation? Hm... how can you explain that in the Hungarian language there are about 3000 words from Slvoak and in the Slovak language only about 10 from Hungarian.
Why in the Kingdom of Hungary the names of the highes dignitaries even in the Hungarioan language were derived from the Slovak? (király from kráľ, nádorispán from nadvorný župan and távárnok from tovarník?) :-)

Anonymous said...

Re-creation of the th historical Kingdom of Hungary? Why not - but could you accept Slvoak as the main communication and official language?
As a Slavic language it would be more useful language because it opens a gate to other Slavic languages than Hungarian - which ist rather isolated language without any important relatives. :-)

Anonymous said...

in 50 yrs Slovakia won't exist anymore , there culture is all based on theivery, 95% of slovaks are ethnically Hungarian , Hungary has always been the dominant population in central europe , from ancient time and will be again soon, Slovakia and Romania are just 2 jealous fabricated nations with no history of there own so they try to steal othersto try to make themselves look better

Anonymous said...

Slovaks and Romanians fear Hungary that is why they behave the way they do

Anonymous said...

This is what the Globalists love to see - the 99.999% fighting amongst themselves over events (disasters) the Globalists (0.001%) created a century ago and continuing today. The boundaries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are all victims of the Globalist scheming and geo-politics. Everything is a DOWNSTREAM consequence of the past +century of Globalist inspired (responsible) wars, financial scams, and social degradation.

Naturally, anyone of any ethnicity, born and raised in a geographic jurisdiction will rightly or wrongly claim it is their "territory". You can't blame them for this - it is human nature to call you birthplace "home". Blame the Globalists for busting-up ethnic nations and hold the Globalists accountable. The Globalists engineered the wars and "crises", "redrew" the boundaries, maps and created artificial "countries" - hold them responsible for their misdeeds - FINANCIALLY BREAK THEM.

Focus the anger and responsibility in the right direction - the Globalists. To eventually "fix" the geography problem will require relocation of many people and $$$$ compensation to offset the relocation losses. Financially break the Globalist elite for their criminality. Remember, +100 million Europeans were massacred from the Globalist engineered WW1, WW2, Communism, 20th - 21st Century neo-liberalism (economics) and social trashing of societies.

Think strategically to solve the problem - the 99.999% needs to be united against the Globalists.

Global Power Project, Part 1: Exposing the Transnational Capitalist Class

"The Global Power Project, an investigative series produced by, aims to identify and connect the worldwide institutions and individuals who comprise today’s global power oligarchy. By studying the relationships and varying levels of leadership that govern our planet’s most influential institutions — from banks, corporations and financial institutions to think tanks, foundations and universities — this project seeks to expose the complex, highly integrated network of influence wielded by relatively few individuals on a national and transnational basis. This is not a study of wealth, but a study of power."

Anonymous said...

I am Romanian nationalist, and although we may have our disagreements, desecrating a cemetery like that is only something the lowest human beings on earth could do (Romanian politicians)

Anonymous said...

"My father was 3/4 German. My mother in law is 100% German. They both feel, and declare themselves Hungarian. Nationhood is CULTURE, NOT genes, stupid Slav (or are you really a Jew, because only your kind is into this bloodline shit big time). "

LOL . So an African can become Hungarian?

Anonymous said...

You perfectly confirm my words, Hungarioan nation is composed from traitors from other nations and their descendents... :-)

Anonymous said...

My comment was deleted, but the above comment is still there?

HungarianAmbiance said...


Nobody deleted your comment. Probably, something went wrong with the software. Post it again.

Anonymous said...

Slovaks have no culture of their own? O_o
Original Hungarian culture was a nomadic culture. When you settled down in10th century in Central Europe, Hungarians LEARNED our Slavic culture, agriculture, building houses and strongholds, simply settled way of life. They took many words from Slavic languages because they didn’t have such words for new technologies which they didn’t know before. Slovaks have had their own language (laguages), myths, traditions and religion (Slavic faith, Perun, Morana, Veles, Belbog… etc) which remained in our folklore until today. Come to see some Slovak folklore festival to see how rich and varied our culture is. Old songs and dances from many regions of Slovakia in Slovak language or Slavic dialects. But ignorant people like you think if they don’t know anything about Slovak culture then it simply doesn’t exist.

Who teach you that s…t that Slovaks have no culture, history and traditions of their own? It’s obviously lies, coz we have proofs it’s just lies. Who produces these brainwashed people?

Anonymous said...

"95% of slovaks are ethnically Hungarian"? and "Hungary has always been the dominant population in central europe?" Seriously how can such ignorant and brainwashed people like this exist? Do you live in some alternative world of your imagination? Now let's speak facts: According to official 2013 census, Slovak nationals in Slovakia make 80,7%, Hungarians 8,5 %

Only 9,4% say their mother tongue is Hungarian These is official census where people speak for themselves.

And regarding the other quotation. So according to you, Hungarians have always been a dominant population also in Czech Kingdom and Poland? How ridiculous you are. And I wanted to show everybody reading these comments what weight do words of Hungarian nationalists have. They're just ignorant, brainwashed and fanatic people. And dangerous on the top of that.

Anonymous said...

I've been digging up graves for the last 10 years in Romania in order to find lost soldiers. Ops sorry romania I think I've been digging up romanians the whole time. Never the less I've managed to shut the local dogs up. But once again sorry

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