State Secretary Péter Szijjártó visiting Tunisia

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

State Secretary for External Economic Relations and Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó met the President of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki and Foreign Minister Othman Jerandi, as well as ministers of international economic cooperation, agriculture and trade on Friday and hammered out a five point Hungarian-Tunisian economic cooperation agreement.

The state secretary pointed out that within the framework of agricultural cooperation the two sides are preparing a long-term trade agreement based on bartering. The state secretary said Hungary intends to import phosphates directly from Tunisia in exchange for food products, such as flour.

Szijjártó also touched upon the issue of water management saying that Tunisia had already invited the Hungarian Water Industry Cluster to bid on Tunisian projects including irrigation systems and water network projects.

Tunisia and Hungary intend to launch a joint higher education exchange program aiming to admit Tunisian students into Hungarian universities mainly in the faculty of mining engineering.

The two sides also agreed on Hungary's participation in the modernization of the Tunisian railway industry.

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Géza said...

good to trade with Tunesia, but why opening up for north african "students" (cq immigrants).... unwise and very stupid!! There is a huge youth unimployment in Tunesia... a lot of them want to come to Europe forever!! This government is making the same mistakes as the Western and Northern Europian countries for decades and see the price they pay for opening up borders for these North Africans.. we will pay the same price too if we don't stop this kind of "agrements" ...

Just trade agrements only!

Anonymous said...

Agreed - mutual respect, trade and cultural (arts) agreements only. No immigration.

Anonymous said...

Education exchange? More of a "foot in the door". Very sad

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