The all Hungarian made military drones will be deployed in Afghanistan this year

Friday, June 21, 2013

Drones have been deployed during the recent flood in Hungary to survey dikes and the rise of water level at the most critical sections of the Danube river. The current design of the aircraft can stay in the air for 3 hours without refueling.

HM EI Zrt. developed unmanned aircraft for both military and civilian use. The latter development drew great interest in Hungarian companies, Middle Eastern and African countries.

The civilian version of the unmanned aircraft has been designed to maintain multi-functional capabilities; among others, they can be used to protect oil pipelines and patrol border regions. Middle Eastern and African countries particularly interested in these latter functions of the aircraft; but MOL, the Hungarian state oil company and the Hungarian electricity company also interested in buying and deploying these aircraft.

HM EI CEO Lajos Móró remarked that it is possible that in the near future an "emergency-action group" will be created from drones and their operating staff, which would be ready to be deployed in case of forest fires, floods or other emergencies.

HM EI Zrt., new tactical unmanned military aircraft can be deployed this year in Afghanistan.

The military model will only serve for purposes of reconnaissance; for the time being the Hungarian military didn't request drones capable of carrying missiles, or other weaponry said HM EI CEO Lajos Móró.

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