The Hungarian Muslim community condemning the slanderous Qatar-based Al Jazeera film about Hungary

Friday, June 14, 2013

Al-Jazeera recently aired a slanderous film with the obvious intent to discredit our country.

The Hungarian Islamic Community made up by Hungarian and foreign devotees reacted to the film by sending a protest letter to the Qatar-based TV station.

They write: "We watched with profound dismay the deceptive and slanderous propaganda piece that was produced by Glenn Ellis about Hungary and the prime minister of the country and was aired by your TV station. We are shocked by the fact that in the report the producer of the film interviewed extreme left-liberal, anti-Islam and anti-nationalist experts whose prime minister called Saudi Arabian football players several years ago "Arab terrorists"...

Why did not you interview Muslims, Hungarian Muslims or foreign nationals living in Hungary? We would have told you the truth; our country does not have "institutionalized" racism, anti-Semitism, or anti-Roma bias, or, what for us, Hungarians Muslims is even more important, there is no institutionalized Islamophobia in Hungary.

Your video is based on lies, and disinformation and it discredits all of your news reporting. How can we believe after all this what you are reporting on the "Arab Spring" or the Syrian crisis?

We ask you that in addition to issuing an apology, remove the producer of the film Glenn Ellis along with the other contributors from your station.

"They only invent falsehood who do not believe in the verses of Allah, these are the liars." 16:105 – writes the Hungarian Muslim community.

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Anonymous said...

Al-Jazeera supports the US-Israel war against Syria.

zerojr said...

Al-Jazeera is a cia-mossad front

Anonymous said... is the real voice of the Middle East.

Géza said...

and moslims can lie to non-muslims if it serves the goals of islam. It is very clear in the qoran. Moslims always kiss the feet of the host nation when they are a very little minority. When they become bigger the demands will start.

It would be better for Hungary and the hungarians to know about the true face of islam and it's teachings.... even Russia is suffering from moslims now, especially now the become bigger as a group. Same story in the West.

I do not understand that after all those examples around us in the West, a lot of Hungarians are still blind for what islam will do to us.

Didn't you learn anything? Never read what happens there? Never visited Paris, London ect.?

Wake up people, instead of believing in sweet talk.

Anonymous said...

I am a second generation hungarian who has growned up in Sweden, Malmö. A city with a very big muslim community. Muslims is not a part of Hungary and hungarians neither for Europe. There was once a jewish problem in Europe now its a muslim problem.

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