Vivanatura alternative online Television interviews Jobbik President Gábor Vona (Hungarian)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

In the interview Jobbik President Gábor Vona talks about issues that the controlled mainstream media too shy to raise. He draws up a step-by-step plan of quitting the European Union and outlines his vision of the country outside of the globalist organization. He talks about building strong partnerships with Russia, Turkey and Germany, as well as the possibility of forging a regional alliance with Poland and Croatia.



Anonymous said...

Not very smart. Croatia just joined the EU, Germany is the top dog in the EU, Poland won't do anything to compromise their EU economy, Turkey is an Islamic leaning authoritarian oppressive regime losing credibility by the day and the EU is Russia's #1 trading partner and the EU's 3rd.

So where does Mr. Vona think he's going with this? Certainly no where near reality to be sure.

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment above - do you see the EU as a successful model for the average EU citizen ? Have you noticed the EU-wide government imposed policy of "austerity - code word for POVERTY to bail-out the banksters ? Is poverty a model of success ? Communism was a disaster and the other side of the liberalism "coin" - neo-liberal economics has been a similar disaster. It is time to think outside of the left - right paradigm and look at new political-economic models and trade alliances that maintain and reinforce national sovereignty.

It is due to the lack of (current) alternatives, corruption and political pressure other nations are joining the EU and EuroZone disaster.

The Central - Eastern European countries (including Ukraine) should be looking at developing a North - South (Baltic -> Yugoslavia-Turkey-Greece) and East trade region.

Anonymous said...

To the comment above.

I just presented the current reality that's all.
Many of your points are valid and I agree with them especially regarding poverty which is always directly connected to the abuse of greed and power.

What Orban and Fidesz is doing is concentrating both within Hungary so no matter what alternatives are either adopted or proposed will still be controlled and dispensed by them unless they are stopped. If they aren't the poverty and misery will continue for the country period. You are deluded and lying to yourself if you think that Fidesz has Hungary's and Hungarians best interests in mind, they only have their own.

I don't pretend to have or offer the best answers or solutions but one thing I do know for sure is that what Orban is doing is NOT in the best interests of Hungary or all Hungarians in the long run. All any citizen wants is a fair shake, fair opportunity and hope. If Orban is allowed to carry on that is already dead and Hungarians will continue to suffer and Hungary will continue to wallow.

Anonymous said...

Orban following the eastern partnership policy championed by Jobbik. The only difference is that he does it in slower pace. Nobody knows the reaction of the demonic European Union and those who run it if the government would challenge them head on.

The other thing that many people forget; the country (in fact every country in the western world) is governed by two governments, one visible and one invisible; the visible government has to take all the blames for the invisible government's decisions.

The Orban government wages a multi-front war against the invisible enemy that has the power that no force in history has ever had (listen to President JFK truth speech). So what do you expect from the government to do in such a situation? For the time being, the most it can do minimize the losses. One way to do this by forging alliances with nations that Hungarians have genetic or cultural ties – Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia.

Anonymous said...

This is a good discussion thread - respectful of others' points-of-view and constructive.

Most respectful (mature) commentators to this site, including ALL the comments in this post, have an advanced understanding of the issues.

The Globalists (0.001%) have a long-term, unified, adaptable strategy including building alliances to screw the 99.999%. The Nationalists need a similar incremental, adaptable strategy. One of the most effective techniques is to constantly expose and identify the fifth column "hidden hand" global financial cabal and their machinations - the "Linux" strategy of relentless (alternate) media attacks and exposure of the cabal.

At this point, Syria appears to be the "Stalingrad" of the cabal - one bridge and battle too far that turns the tide. There is room for optimism as the cabal is out-muscled in the middle + far east and is simultaneously domestically undermined with relentless exposure and dissent. The cabal has had centuries to plan and implement their agenda - yet in the past couple years their agenda has become widely exposed and we are now on accelerated end of the exposure curve. At some point, cracks will appear in the cabal and these become pressure points to play divide and conquer against the cabal.

Keep-up the pressure !

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