World Champion swimmer Katinka Hosszú wins nine gold medals at the national championships in Debrecen

Saturday, June 29, 2013

(Photo: Tumbász Hédi)

At the final day of the national championships in Debrecen on Saturday swimmer Katinka Hosszú won three individual events, collecting a total of nine gold medals and becoming this year's most successful swimmer.

The world class swimmer of Vasas SC won the 200 m freestyle, the 100m butterfly and the 200m back on Saturday.

The head-coach of the Hungarian team besides Hosszú also praised Boglárka Kapás and Dániel Gyurta; these three athletes showed outstanding performance, which is encouraging for the upcoming Barcelona World Championships three weeks from now.

"Overall, the others athletes are also in good shape and they will be further improving of the remaining time left till the World Cup," said the coach.

"Very good feelings swirling in my mind, after the recent competitions" said Katinka Hosszú. "If I think about it, wherever, I have been since the Olympics, I left with positive feelings, and now, after Debrecen nothing has changed" said Katinka.

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