AirPaprika -- another company that tries to break into the competitive airline business

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

According to globalist news portal, besides Sólyom Hungarian Airways, another company also tries to break into the competitive airline business.

The company which is apparently still under formation flirted with the name "Airpaprika"; the name has been chosen because of promotional reasons – foreigners can pronounce the name without any problem!

(The globalist press that applauds to any failed Hungarian project, now fixating on the name of "Sólyom" airline; they argue that foreigners can't pronounce the word "Sólyom", therefore, from the marketing point of view it was a poor choice. Let's see what is the problem with the name "Sólyom", which means falcon because the globalist media don't say it openly; you have to read between the lines to get the picture. "Sólyom" is the mythical bird of Hungarian folklore and ancient Hungarian history; the term has many layers of meaning. In the historical context, Hungarians call it “Turul”; it typically symbolizes the ancient history of the country that the globalists would like to suppress by all means because the goal is to undermine the sense of history of the populace in order to create a docile mass of people that can be controlled by the colonizers; this is the same pattern the Habsburgs used throughout the centuries.)

Supposedly, creative planners picked the name "Airpaprika" because the term “paprika” can be easily associated with Hungary; the herb's red color can be perfectly integrated into the company's logo, which is one of the colors of the Hungarian flag as well. The other important aspect of the name is that it can be easily pronounced by foreign travelers and corporate clients. (Why do globalists like names like paprika? It is very simple, because the term projects a fake, stereotypical image of the country; it suggests subliminally to the world that this country has really nothing else to offer other than a few herbs. The globalist media cheers every momentum that can be used to ridicule the country.)

Apparently, the name was eventually abandoned to relaunch the company under a different name.

(Notes: Interestingly, liberal media whores have never bothered to raise the pronunciation issue when it comes to English brands. I wonder how many non-English speakers can properly pronounce the terms“Levi”, “Nike”, “Boeing”, “Lockheed” -- just mentioning a few of the known brands. Virtually, the names of all English brands are unpronounceable for non-English speakers – unless you tell them explicitly how to pronounce them, but even then in most of the cases foreigners pronounce English words crookedly – simply because English is one of the least phonetic languages among all the languages of the world; unlike Hungarian where every single letter is pronounced the way it is written with only a very few exceptions.)

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