Back to Basics: Typewriters to be used by Russian secret services

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Due to widespread cyber-espionage, the Russian Secret Service using traditional typewriters to protect confidential information - writes Izvestia on Thursday.

The Russian newspaper reported that one of the branches of the Secrete Service responsible for the protection of the president and members of government has just ordered 20 typewriters. Particularly sensitive documents are stored only on paper, rather than in electronic form.

This practice is widespread not only at the secret service, but also at the ministry of defense and civilian protection agencies. Nikolai Kovalev, the former head of the Federal Security Service said it was customary to store confidential information in handwritten form even before news about cyber-espionage leaked to the public.

It is also important that every typewriter should have its own unique keyboard, unlike the mass produced ones; thus, each confidential document could be linked to a particular typewriter - writes the Russian newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

DIA, NSA, CIA is likely pissed. Especially now, that it has been confirmed the previously suspected fact, that All Windows OSs (except Win95) have a backdoor for snooping by these alphabet-soup agencies, world-wide.
I expect the Russians to take a LOT more countermeasures as soon as they can.

Anonymous said...

Not only the Russian, but probably all intelligence agencies employ similar techniques. Cyber-espinage is a big hype promoted by intelligence agencies themselves in order to intimidate the sheeple; 99% of all collected data are garbage, trivia, good for nothing other than to frame a few patsies and maintain the acute confusional state of the population.

Anonymous said...

Snowden and the Servility of U.S. Puppet States in Europe By Diana Johnstone

...And this disrespect for the law is linked to a more basic institutional change: the destruction of effective democracy at the national level. This has been done by the power of money in the United States, where candidates are comparable to race horses owned by billionaires. In Europe, it has been done by the European Union, whose bureaucracy has gradually taken over the critical economic functions of independent states, leaving national governments to concoct huge controversies around private matters, such as marriage, while public policy is dictated from the EU Commission in Brussels.

But behind that Commission, and behind the US electoral game, lies the identical anonymous power that dictates its desires to this trans-Atlantic entity: financial capital.

This power is scheduled to be formally extended in the near future by the establishment of a free trade zone between the European Union and the United States. This development is the culmination of the so-called “European construction” that over several decades has transferred powers of sovereign European states to the EU, which in turn will transfer its power to trans-Atlantic institutions, all under the decisive control of “the Markets” – euphemism for financial capital.

...The citizenry is informed of the latest stage of this ongoing de-democratization process only when it is well under way. The result is an ever-wider gap between “the political class”, which includes both politicians and the mass media, on one hand, and the general population on the other. The principal remaining task of the political class is to entertain the general population with the illusion that they are still living in a democracy, and that the officials they elect are acting in their interests.

...The explanation for this surrender lies in the ideology that has dominated Europe, and France perhaps most of all, for the past half century. A particular interpretation of the history of the mid-twentieth century has undermined confidence in popular sovereignty, (wrongly) accused of leading to “totalitarianism”. This ideology has prepared elites to abdicate in favor of technical institutions and “markets” that seem innocent of all political sins. The power of financial capital and its US champion is less the cause than the result of this political abdication.

...But in the long run, awareness of the scope of this power is the first step toward liberation.

Anonymous said...

A creative response to the revelation and scam.

RT's Ruptly team detained filming Anonymous 'United Stasi of America' action

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