Canadian medical doctor Ghislaine Lanctot visits Hungary

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One year after the Hungarian publication of her book THE MEDICAL MAFIA, Canadian medical doctor Ghislaine Lanctot visited Hungary. Immediately after the publication of her book in Canada Ghislaine Lanctot's medical license was revoked by the Canadian Medical Board and the court ruled that she never to practice medicine again. But today, Ghislaine does more good to humanity as she did as a doctor. Through her lectures, seminars, and two of her books she spreads the word to millions of people: there is hope! She teaches her audiences how to journey on the path to unlimited health leading to the creation of a sovereign human way of life.

Watch this fascinating interview with Ghislaine Lanctot.

Ghislaine Lanctot's book can be purchased at:

She talked to while visiting Budapest: You can read the interview HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in Hungarian)



Géza said...

I really respect this doctor for what she did and is still doing!!!

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