Court ruled that Uighur leader Ümit Hamit's expulsion from Hungary was unlawful

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Metropolitan Administration and Labour Court ruled on July 19, 2013 that the expulsion of the head of the Uighur World Congress' European Wing Ümit Hamit from Hungary on May 30, 2013 was unlawful and ordered a new trial.

The court found multiple counts of serious procedural violation in the expulsion procedure; among others, Ümit Hamit wasn't notified of the content of the transcript made up by "TEK" (the Counter-Terrorism Center) said Ümit Hamit attorney Dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy.

Dr. Gaudi-Nagy said he informed the Uighur leader about the court's decision who welcomed the news.

(Notes: It is widely suspected that the expulsion of Ümit Hamit from Hungary took place at the request of China.)

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