Demonstrations in Erdély for the autonomy of Székely Land

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Székely Hungarians held flash mobs on Friday in Marosvásárhely and more than 100 other locations across Erdély, organized by the "Erdélyi Magyar Néppárt" and the "Erdélyi Magyar Nemzeti Tanács" (Hungarian People's Party and the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania). In the capital city of Székely Land nearly 500 people gathered to express their opposition to the government's plan to reorganize ethnic Hungarian populated regions and to promote the autonomy of Székely Land.

Organizers read a manifesto, which demanded the restoration of the historic regions where Székely Hungarians form the majority. "Erdély is the "the fairy garden of the Carpathian Basin, and not a colony" says the manifesto; organizers also warned the Romanian government that partitioning the Székely Hungarian regions will make Romanians losers as well.

Demonstrators made it clear that they wanted a modern federal Romanian state rather than a homogeneous nation-state, which include Erdély as a true European region. They called on the government to designate Kolozsvár as the official capital of Erdély and make Székely Land a single autonomous administrative region of Erdély! Organizers also called on the government to bestow a uniform, multilingual special administrative region status on Partium".

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Anonymous said...

An interesting twist on Political Correctness PC being turned against the establishment war criminals. Remember WHO (supremacists) were responsible for WW1, Treaty of Versailles, Teaty of Trianon + WW2 and every war and financial scam for the past +200 years.

This is the type of media propaganda TACTIC that needs to be played against the supremacists. The supremacists slaughtered +100 MILLION European Christians in the past +100 years as part of their geo-political games.

Swedish Journalist Nominated for Prestigious Award for Fighting “Politically Correct” Racism

Swedish journalist Jan Hagberg has been nominated for the Raoul Wallenberg Prize for writing about racism within parts of the Swedish establishment, towards those Slavic peoples and nations who “are not entirely subordinated to the dictates of the West.”...

As a clear example of such a “politically correct” racism Hagberg has written about an incident from October 2012 when Madeleine Albright was filmed screaming “Disgusting Serbs!” to a group of Czech protesters. As Hagberg noticed, rather than condemning Albright, media in Sweden was completely silent “because it was the accepted, the fine circles’ racism which was exclaimed by the ex-minister”.

...President Clinton’s foreign minister Madeleine Albright, a war criminal and partly responsible for air strikes in violation of the UN charter, recently visited her birth country the Czech Republic to promote her new book The Prague winter. She was met in a shopping mall by a demonstration led by the Czech director Vaclav Dvorsak, creator of the movie “The Stolen Kosovo”. This mischief made the well-mannered ex-minister completely lose her senses and howl before the congregation; “Disgusting Serbs!”.

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