Előd Novák: "The Finno-Ugric theory, now obsolete" - Jobbik calls for the creation of a prehistoric institute

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jobbik Member of Parliament Előd Novák said to MTI on Sunday that the Jobbik party will table a bill in the National Assembly no later than at next year's budget debate calling for the creation of a prehistoric institute.

The Jobbik politician said the institute would research the pre-conquest period to find out how far Hungarian's genetic origin can be traced back in time. Setting up the institute would cost a few million HUF per year, which could be financed from the budget of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Novak pointed out that nothing has changed during the current parliamentary session in terms of researching the field even though Secretary of State for Culture Géza Szõcs deemed necessary to set up a genetic institute in order to research the origin of Hungarians.

The institute can be set up at the expense of the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as the establishment is unfit to provide a common framework on prehistoric research including organizing expeditions in areas where Hungarians lived before the conquest added Novák.

The Jobbik politician complained that neither films nor public commemorations are scheduled about the pre-conquest times, despite the fact that there is a genuine curiosity in society for that period, which is clearly shown by the public interest in events like "Kurultáj" and "Ősök Napja".

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