Jobbik is the most popular party among university and college students, Fidesz is second

Friday, July 5, 2013

Jobbik and Fidesz are the most popular parties among university and college students, according to “Aktív Fiatalok Magyarországon Kutatócsoport” spring survey.

Among university and college students Jobbik garnered 17.3 percent support. Fidesz is in second place with 16 percent support; followed by Egyutt 2014 with 13.7 percent, the LMP with 7.7 percent, the socialist party with 3.1 percent and the Gyurcsany led democratic coalition with 1 percent support.

The representative sample is based on 2214 young people's responses; 477 of them answered in person and 1737 responded online.

Currently, 6.1 percent of students do not intend to vote in the general election, a further 24.1 percent did not know which political formations they vote for, and 9.3 percent refused to answer the question.

Most Jobbik supporters come from lower middle class families. The survey suggests that Fidesz supporters have religious family backgrounds they live without financial worries and most optimistic about their future.

The supporters of Egyutt 2014-PM are mostly city dwellers living in the capital region; their parents typically university graduates and many of them have already worked abroad. The LMP is popular among women, and like the supporters of the socialist party they are not religious.

Students were also asked whether they planned to move abroad in the near future: 35 percent of them said "almost certain" or "likely".

The survey found that medical students and IT professionals are more likely to go abroad after graduation than the rest of students. The willingness to go abroad is the highest among students coming from the richest and the poorest families.

According to 39 percent of university and college students, democracy is the best form of government, 28 percent of them said there was no difference between democracy and dictatorship, and 33 percent of them thought that the situation was so bad that dictatorship would be better than democracy.

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