Jobbik is the second most popular party among Vojvodina Hungarians

Monday, July 15, 2013

Recent survey conducted among Hungarians in Vojvodina shows that among decided voters Fidesz leads by 82 percent support; Jobbik is second by 13 percent support.

Fringe party support among Vojvodina Hungarians is insignificant: LMP garnered 3 percent support, the Hungarian Communist party, currently called Labour Party and the Gyurcsany led Democratic Coalition received 1 percent support of decided voters.

What interesting is that the largest Hungarian opposition party, the Hungarian Socialist Party that openly promoting the colonization of our country received zero percent support. This is unprecedented in the history of surveys, at least I've never heard of any major political party to receive zero percent support from voters.

(Notes: The Hungarian Socialist Party that openly promoting the colonization of Hungary and gathers the most wicked Hungarian-haters among its ranks, now pays for years of its anti-Hungarian policies. The case of the Socialist party is a classical example of the proverb: “the chickens come home to roost” as the former communists campaigned against to dual citizenship act, the new constitution, as well as actively promoting sexual aberrations among Hungarians, just mentioning a few of their treasonous policies; no wonder, they receive contempt and rejection from Hungarians in the Carpathian basin and around the world.)

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