Jobbik: Socialist MEPs committed an act of treason by supporting the Tavares report

Monday, July 8, 2013

According to Jobbik, Socialist MEPs and Lajos Bokros committed high treason by supporting the Tavares report that condemns Hungary on the basis of fabricated evidence. Jobbik therefore, calling on the National Assembly Foreign Affairs, Constitutional Affairs and European Affairs committee to investigate the five MEPs for their role in the anti-Hungarian campaign.

According to Jobbik MP Tamas Gaudi-Nagy, Socilist party representatives Kinga Göncz, Zita Gurmai, Csaba Tabajdi and Edit Herczog as well as Soviet trained bookkeeper Lajos Bokros committed an act of treason by supporting the Tavares report that condemns the Hungarian nation.

Besides the adoption of the Tavares report, left-wing and liberal forces have been waging a war on the Hungarian nation in the Council of Europe since January 2011.

Gaudi emphasized that despite the relentless attacks, the assembly rejected to adopt monitoring procedures against Hungary.

Jobbik's opinion is that the Tavares report doesn't have any legal consequences, it is merely an opinion. Jobbik will prepare a report on the issue showing how the European Union's institutions abusing their powers and threatening the nation-states of Europe said Gaudi.

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