Lady Gaga, the globalist shill stinks like a dumpster

Friday, July 19, 2013

Is this a symbolic image pointing to the rotten state of the globalist world order?

“LOOPY Lady Gaga is creating a fresh stink in the music business – because she can’t stop farting”

“Nobody dares complain. She saw one costume girl holding her nose and sniffed, ‘What’s your problem?’ The poor girl was struck dumb and Gaga walked by giggling.”

“The smell was foul, like a dumpster full of rotting food. And some of her farts were loud, so there was no pretending she wasn’t the source of the stench.”

“It was especially bad every time she bent over to change costume or made a vigorous move on stage. A fresh one would come cracking out but she’d just laugh when people held their noses.”

“It’s gotten so bad it’s beyond a joke. The eggs-only week was especially bad and a vapour trail of sulphur followed in her wake.”

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0jr said...

are you saying everytime she opens her poop shoot mouth is smells like a fart

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