MEP Krisztina Morvai: EU officials have the mindset of women abusers

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yesterday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban attended the European Parliament's debate on Hungary to defend the Hungarian government's position on the false accusations that EU officials made up to use them as a pretext to open yet another front in the war on the Hungarian people.

The accusations are so libelous that I don't even bother to sum them up (remove bank tax and don't reduce utility costs for the general public, these kinds of things). It suffices to say that the satanically driven European Union opened a new front in the war on the country to help the treasonous opposition win the national election next spring.

By displaying a sign on her desk that says Hungary is not a colony, Krisztina Morvai commented on the debate by recalling the analogy of the abusive family relationship to highlight the mindset of EU officials that believe that by keeping up a relentless pressure on the Hungarian government the populace can be beaten into submission and they at the end will vote for the globalist opposition.

In abusive relationships the victim – usually the wife – believes that if she meets the never ending demands of the abuser – usually the husband – the torment might end. For instance, she tries to be “better” wife, smiles more or cleans the house more often, these sorts of things.

However, in all such cases the abuse continues or even intensifies as the abuser always finds new demands to control his helpless victim. Ms. Morvai pointed out that at some point the victim must stand up for herself and say enough is enough otherwise, the torment will never end.

The prime minister too has to draw a line in the sand and say to the bullies of the European Union to back off otherwise, there will be divorce.



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