Nearly seven decades after the foundation stone was laid the Queen of the World Chapel of Atonement will be constructed

Monday, July 29, 2013

Quite literally a very old dream could soon become a reality: According to a government decree published the other day - nearly seven decades after the laying of the foundation stone, the Queen of the World Chapel of Atonement could be constructed at St. Anna meadow at the Buda side of the Hungarian capital.

The decision of the government designates the construction of the chapel a priority project, which means that all related administrative issues are priority matters as well.

Sign marks the foundation stone of the Chapel of Atonement laid in 1944

The Chapel of Atonement will be constructed at one of the most beautiful parts of the Hungarian capital. The initiator of the project was sister Natalia who was born as Natália Mária Kovacsis in 1901 in Pozsonybeszterce currently, belonging to Slovakia. It was sister Natalia who in 1936 after arriving in Hungary launched the Movement of Atonement and initiated the construction of the Chapel of Atonement to honor the Victorious Queen of the World.

Lord Jesus Christ sent several messages to the Pope through sister Natália that Pope Pius XII officially recognized as valid messages. Initiated by sister Natália the Pope officially recognized the Victorious Queen of the World title and designated May 1 as the Queen of the World day. In 1942 the whole of humanity and the Catholic Church were placed under the patronage of the Queen of the World.

Our Lady of Hungary with the shield of the House of Árpád, and the Holy Crown

It is noteworthy that several of the messages that were sent to the Roman Catholic Church by Jesus Christ himself through sister Natália instructing the Holy Father to allocate church's assets among the poor.

One of the messages says: "If you do not distribute church's assets among the poor, the wicked will come and take it away from you, and you will be carried away in cattle cars."

In another message Christ says: "I want you to build a Chapel of Atonement. If this and other of my instructions won't get fulfilled, peace and grace will be delayed".

(Notes: These notes for those not familiar with occult symbolism. The image of Our Lady of Hungary, also known as Virgin Mary or “Nagyboldogasszony” – the name of the ancient Hungarian goddess -- pregnant with occult symbolism. Hungarians embellished Virgin Mary's image with all the symbolisms that point back to their ancient goddess that Virgin Mary replaced after the adoption of Christianity. In fact if you take away baby Christ from the image nothing indicates that the female figure representing Virgin Mary. The twelve stars around the head of the female figure representing the 12 signs of the Zodiac. At her feet the shield of the House of Árpád and in her right hand she holds the holly crown. In her left hand she holds a scepter also known as the magic wand an ancient occult symbol that goes back to the time of the pharaohs or even earlier. Behind her the symbol of the sun representing the sun god.)

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Anonymous said...

While you are not incorrect in stating that the Virgin Mary supplanted an ancient goddess of the old Hungarian pantheon, the crown of 12 stars is not Hungarian per se but taken from the Book of Revelation. We can argue the rationale for the numerological significance of the number 12 in the Old and New Testaments, but I wanted to clarify the direct source of the crown of stars as not being a astrological reference per se.

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