New Hungarian National Airline called Sólyom (Falcon) Hungarian Airways Kft to take Off in August

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The CEO of the new company is József Vágó, a former director of the National Transport Authority (NTA). Hungarian National Airport informants behind the company suggested that the new airline will be launched with the support of “Middle Eastern minority investors”; flights to European and Middle Eastern destinations could start as early as August.

The company initially will operate six airplane fleet, but it is scheduled that by 2017, the company will fly fifty planes. The fleet's market value is close to four billion Euros. In the first year, it hires 700 employees, which number over the next three years can go up to three thousand. The Scheduled Passenger Traffic for the next year can reach the former Hungarian Airline Malév's traffic volume, a total of 3 million passengers, which figure by 2017 might go up to eight million.

Sólyom (Falcon) Hungarian Airways would not be a low-cost competitor, but a high-quality major airline said company informants.

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hungarian property said...

fantastic news, Hungary will be more accessible again via new air routes. Since ryanair marched out from the country large cities are difficult to reach

Anonymous said...

I agree. I flew home from the States a few months ago and I had to wait in Paris 6 hours to be able to catch a plane to Budapest. This is unacceptable. Earlier, when Malev was still flying, I never had to wait more than 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

Hungary can hold it's head high.

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