Picture of the day: The political elite meets at former Prime Minister and self-confessed “pufajkás” Gyula Horn's funeral

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

(The notes below for readers not familiar with the term “pufajkás”. It means "militiamen”. The “pufajkás-ok”- plural- in general, recruited from the lowest classes of society; many of them came from dysfunctional families – like Gyula Horn, his brothers haven't even attended his funeral. Most of the recruits were spiritual and intellectual retards. For all practical purposes, the “Pufajkás-ok” functioned as a terrorist organization, the fist of the Communist Party. Being morally and intellectually bankrupt, the “pufajkás” could be used for any kinds of political activities including murder as many of them showed sadistic tendencies. Their main function was to intimidate the general public and beat the population into submission. The “pufajkás-ok” brutalized the population on a daily basis and played a major role in hunting down the leaders of the national resistance after the Soviet army crashed the uprising in 1956. They were also called 'Kádár-hussars'.)

The term 'Fufajka' or 'kufajka' (in Russian фуфайка, куфайка) comes from the Mongolian - Tatar word 'фофудья' ("fofudia"), meaning warm clothes. 'Fufajka' is a thick double-sided quilted jacket to protect against frost and cold. --wikipedia

The Hungarian language adopted the term from the Russian after the communists came to power in 1949. In Hungarian, “pufajkás” literally means, the man who wears the “pufajka”. Boshevik terrorists adopted the “pufajka” as their uniform after the defeat of the Hungarian uprising by the Soviet army in 1956.

Several members of the current political elite have “pufajkás” background.

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