Polish youth staged a sympathy demonstration at the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hundreds of people staged a sympathy demonstration at the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw Monday afternoon in support of the Orban's government fight against the interference of the EU parliament in Hungarian domestic affairs.

The rally was organized by among others, Father Paweł Cebula who handed over a manifesto to Hungarian embassy staff signed by more than seven hundred people, including politicians, scientists and artists. The signatories support the struggle of the Hungarian people to preserve the independence and sovereignty of their country within the framework of the European Union in the face of the unprecedented pressure by the European Parliament.

Demonstrators then read the pertinent decision of the Hungarian Parliament, which received great applause and they expressed their hope that the Polish parliament adopts a similar statement. Father Paweł Cebula said the demonstration was a nonpartisan gathering. The driving force behind the protest was that if Hungarians lose their right to self-determination, the same can happen to Poland and other nations tomorrow.

Hungarian embassy employee Péter Szeratics thanked demonstrators for standing by Hungary. The demonstration ended by the singing of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic hymn.

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