Putin praised close cooperation between the state and the Russian Orthodox Church

Friday, July 26, 2013

© Photo: «Golos Stolitsy»

At a meeting with Orthodox Church leaders in the Kremlin on Thursday who came from all over the world, Rusian President Vladimir Putin praised the close cooperation between the Russian state and the Russian Orthodox Church.

It was the first time that the Russian head of state met with such a large number of Orthodox church leaders.

Relations between the state and the Orthodox Church are getting closer in Russia each year. "We work together as true partners in solving domestic and international issues," said Putin, stressing the importance of the church moral authority.

© Photo: «Golos Stolitsy»

The occasion that brought together the high-level representatives of the top 15 Orthodox Churches from around the world is Russia's 1025th anniversary of the adaption of Christianity. The Russian President's speech broadcasted live on state TV. "We put special emphasis on cooperation between religions and cultures, and the support of local Orthodox churches is especially important for us" said the Russian president, who, sat alongside Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill during the meeting.

The high-level meeting attended by among others Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theofilos III., and the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church Ilia II. said the Kremlin statement.

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Anonymous said...

The Russians are LUCKY.
After Yeltsyn (the Jewtool drunk) they got Putyin.
What we had? Human debris; true putrefying garbage one after the other, with the possible exception of Orban's first term. Yah, I'm including Antall, the little spineless weasel. (Good thing he's dead, together with the just croaked "pufajkas" shithead.)
The current crop is a step above the the previous, but it's not something to get enthusiastic about by any means. They're selling out Hungary and the Hungarians ALSO, albeit slower.

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