Russian police detained all participants of the St. Petersburg gay parade

Monday, July 1, 2013

The illegal gathering was also attacked by Russian youth opposing deviant behavior. According to gay rights activists, sixty individuals showed up at the rally on Saturday; all have been taken away by police for violation of public morality.

The Russian parliament has recently adopted the gay propaganda ban. Most of the detainees have been released later in the day; the court is likely to impose fines on the sixty offenders.

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Anonymous said...

It is important to understand these issues in the context of the New World Order NWO agenda and meta-information.

Tactics of the Homosexual Movement by John Vennari
( )

Step 1: Talk About Gays and Gayness as Loudly and as Often as Possible
Step 2: Portray Gays as Victims, Not as Aggressive Challengers
Step 3: Give Protectors a Just Cause
Step 4: Make Gays Look Good
Step 5: Make the Victimizers look Bad
Step 6: Solicit Funds: The Buck Stops Here

Vilify Christianity

“Homosexuality and the New World Order”

JV – Alright then, how does homosexuality fit into the NWO scheme?

RE – Well, first let me state that there have always been two natural enemies of totalitarianism of any stripe – the family and religion. The advancement of homosexuality and other forms of deviant sexual behavior, as we have seen from the current battle over “gay marriage,” is designed to undermine both marriage and family, as well as the natural law and traditional morality. The goal of the NWO is to create a generation of polymorphous perverts – narcissistic, isolated and rootless individuals who, being enslaved by their own unnatural passions, will not present any serious opposition to their new slave masters.

JV – Once this goal is achieved, will homosexuals continue to play a special role in the NWO?

RE – No. This is highly unlikely. As Dr. Day made quite clear, the NWO prides itself on stability and loyalty to the New Order and homosexuals are notoriously unstable and unreliable. So, having served their purpose, when the time comes, they will be systematically eliminated as enemies of the state.

NWO Plans Exposed By Insider In 1969

New Order of Barbarians

The Canadian press-titute media does their part in promoting the NWO agenda:

Same-sex marriage gains 'momentum' after U.S. top court rulings

Anonymous said...

The push for homosexuality absolutely is a part of the NWO plans. But even if it wasn't...
Homosexuality is not an "innocent" or "harmless" "lifestyle". It actually does cause harm. Very significant harm, to large portions of the population. Homosexuals are mentally unstable massively promiscuous disease dispensers of the worst kind.

Read this link to learn about the massive documented health risks which comes from "tolerating" the existence of homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

There are signs that the aggressive promotion of the gay agenda by the cabal is backfiring. In Hungary, for instance, the majority of gays find the sickening display of exhibitionist performances at the gay parade disgusting. The overwhelming majority of Hungarian gays are boycotting the parade that's why those that run the show have to ship in gays from Austria and Germany – to boost the numbers of participants.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

This is why there is merit in being duplicitous with the gay agenda. Promote and encourage the most (extreme) vulgar, decadent, crude and sick aspects to absolutely marginalize the movement. In addition, ensure they are given Tribe flags (Club Med on E. Mediterranean), Marxist flags to make the association.

In addition, use "reverse projection" - accuse them of being extreme, bigoted, intolerant, racist, sexual fascists, etc. A good book on this is to Google "Saul Alinsky rules for radicals pdf". The Nationalists need to play smart chess including smart street tactics rather than just the reactionary tactics. Inclusive is to drive (exploit) social wedges in their ranks to divide them and get them to turn on each other.

The danger is when they appear "normal" to society and thus acceptable.

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