Shocking! Government trains children of gypsy criminals how to become more efficient killers

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A great opportunity for disadvantaged students (meaning gypsies coming from criminal environment) supported by the Klebersberg Maintenance Center in "Farkaslyuk" (a heavily gypsy and crime infested region) with HUF 98 million.

The project focuses on educational and pedagogical activities, environmental awareness of students that are coming from disadvantaged families to support health conscious, physically active lifestyle. Each student who lives in deep poverty can benefit from this project that can provide breakthrough opportunities in their lives. They can travel in other cities in the country and can reach distant locations; as a result of the project, sports camps and language camps will be organized. In addition, children can master new types of activities in order to expand their interests and competence said project manager Gábor Dezső who is also the mayor of the town.

The photos below are quite shocking. They show what actually has been happening under the pretext of educating disadvantaged children and what is the truth behind the political jargon of municipal officials. The government actually trains gypsy children coming from criminal families how to become more efficient killers.

As a reminder, in Canada and some parts of the USA nunchucks banned even for martial artists; in Hungary the government supplies these efficient weapons to unstable, mentally, intellectually and emotionally impaired children.

Correction: The project is financed by the European Union through the the Klebersberg Maintenance Center.

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Anonymous said...

So you now describe kids as "Gypsy criminals". What an intolerant bunch of low-lifes you really are!

HungarianAmbiance said...

Where did I say that? On the other hand, experience shows that children that grow up in crime infested environment – except a few exceptions – become criminals themselves.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to defend - the pictures speak for themselves - a reinforcement of aggressive patterns of behavior. It doesn't take a PhD. in psychology to see the obvious. The kids are not learning arts & crafts, tennis or recreational (social) team sports like soccer. Also, notice the LACK of GIRLS to balance the pack and to temper the feral pack instinct.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy, i really hope that the hungarian goverment is not learning its new path from the swedish goverment. Because they have the same projects for criminal arabs, gypsies and blacks from "ghettos".

Anonymous said...

Nobody expected... hungarian gypsy ninja?

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