Sólyom Airline will take off on August 18

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sólyom Airways will fly to 22 European destinations. The new Hungarian air carrier won't compete with low-cost airlines, but wants to be a premium airline. The company is financed by Oman's capital, and an undisclosed minority owner from the United Arab Emirates.

The first flight will land at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest on August 18. A few weeks later, the first scheduled flight might take off announced the CEO of Sólyom Airways József Vágó at a press-conference in Budapest on Wednesday.

The exact schedule will only be made public when the online system started. In other words, the list of flight destinations are still confidential. The announcement was made that initially, the six airplane fleet will fly to 22 European destinations, including six major European capitals. Each plane will have a total of 110 seats including 12 business class seats.

The long term business plan foresees a 50 plane fleet that will fly to non-European destinations as well said the CEO of the company.

According to Vágó, Sólyom Airways won't be a low-cost airline, but a premium airline because there is high demand for such services in Hungary; many Hungarian customers travel with foreign airlines because they have no other choice.

The CEO stressed that Sólyom Airways is a staunch nationalist company and owners won't take the profit out of the country into offshore locations or to another country, but the money will remain in Hungary. The owners have also agreed in writing that they won't take money out of the company for three years but reinvest every penny they earn into the enterprise.

Sólyom Airline has all the necessary operating licenses already to fly, contrary to rumors. Job ads will appear in the media in August. "We will only hire people who work hard for us, the wages will be high, but our operating costs will be 64 percent lower than that of the former Hungarian airline, Malév." said the CEO.

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