Sólyom Airways to sign lease for six planes

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sólyom Airways has signed a contract to lease six aircrafts in London - said József Vágó the CEO of the company on Tuesday, adding that the first plane will arrive in Budapest before August 20.

Vágó pointed out that Sólyom Airways moves in its offices on Wednesday morning at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, and starts selling tickets in August.

On the question of when to start the first flight, Vágó said departure did not depend only on them; it also depends on registering the company by the Hungarian Aviation Authority.

"The first aircraft arrives in Budapest before August 20; we want to start the business as soon as possible" said Vágó.

The CEO of the company who is currently in London reiterated that Sólyom Airways starts with six aircrafts this year, but by 2017, it plans to fly 50 airplane fleet.

Chief Executive Officer of Sólyom Airways József Vágó

Sólyom Airways' first aircraft might fly over the Danube river on the National Holiday on August 20, if the government accepts the company's proposal said Vágó.

Charter flights and scheduled flights to be planned, primarily to Western European destinations added the president of the company.

The operation of the company requires 350-400 employees at the start, but within a month the number will increase to 700 employees. The president estimated the number of passengers in 2014, 3 million and in 2017 eight million.

Sólyom Airline employees moving in their new offices at Lisz Ferenc International Airport's first terminal

The CEO of the company revealed that the operation of the company is financed by United Arab Emirates and Oman investors, but Sólyom Airways' three Hungarian owners invested several hundred million HUF into the company to start operations. He emphasized that the government has no involvement in the company and it will remain that way in the future as well.

Vágó also confirmed that Sólyom Airways submitted an offer to purchase the Aeroplex Central European Air Vehicle Technology Center Ltd. and a former Malev ground handling company, Malév Ground Handling Company but the owner of the companies, the Hungarian state, hasn't responded yet.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) said the Aviation Authority examining Sólyom Airways' business plan and making a decision at the appropriate time.

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