Sólyom Hungarian Airways signs lease agreement of six aircrafts on Monday in London

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magyar Hírlap Online has learned that the new Hungarian air carrier will sign a lease agreement of six aircrafts on Monday in London.

Sólyom Hungarian Airways is planning to build a repair and maintenance facility and establish a luggage carrier service as well; at the same time, it was announced that the company will purchase Aeroplex Central European Technical Centre Ltd aircraft maintenance company, and Malév Ground Handling Company Zrt.

The new Hungarian Airline has signed agreements with several multinational companies as well. This shows that the company is taken seriously internationally. And if the lease agreement is signed in London on Monday and the company gets its operating license, service at the Liszt Ferenc airport can be launched immediately.

It was reported that the first twenty employees required for the launching of the company will soon be hired.

The one hundred percent Hungarian-owned Sólyom Hungarian Airways will be launched with Oman and United Arab Emirates financial backing after one and a half year of preparation in August. The new carrier will initially operate a fleet of six aircrafts. The business plan envisions three million passenger traffic within a year and by 2017 this figure might go up to eight million.

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