Special measures announced before the Győri ETO FC and Maccabi Tel-Aviv soccer match

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Győri ETO FC football club official website announced that the club imposes strict security measures ahead of the UEFA Champions League qualifier soccer match between Győri ETO FC and Maccabi Tel-Aviv on July 17, in order to "avoid incidents that happened last year's Israel-Hungary friendly match."

Our club proposes strict preventive measures to be taken before the match and during the match, which include a number of measures. We ask police to designate the soccer game a high-risk event. We called on the Hungarian Football Federation to help us implement preventive measures before and during the match to prevent incidents similar to last year's scandal from happening during the July 17 qualifier -- we also contacted the Israeli ambassador to Budapest to ask his help and get him involved in the organization of the game.

Before the match, we meet our fans and will inform them about the measures we take before and during the match; in addition, we meet the leaders of the various fan clubs to personally inform them about the new rules of the game. Our goal is to filter out racist elements of the fan clubs at an early stage of the game preventing them from purchasing tickets. It is utterly important that fans visiting the game know the new rules of the game; so, we are going to launch a nationwide campaign in the national, regional and local newspapers, radio stations, television and online media to raise awareness of the importance of fair play - and the consequences of inappropriate behavior.

Each person attending the game will be searched by hand and will be subjected to rigorous luggage inspections. All national symbols and banners except the national flag and the flag of the club will be strictly prohibited in the stadium during the match.

During the game, announcers will remind fans to the importance of proper behavior in regular intervals; besides the usual security employees, additional security personnel will be deployed in the home sector wearing distinctive red-colored outfit marked with "Say No To Racism". The security personnel will be recording fans' behavior during the entire game with hand-held cameras to identify misbehaving elements in the crowd that will be hand over to police.

Our security staff should be well-informed of their duties, therefore we launch special training sessions before the game to prepare them for the task ahead of them. We will be in constant touch with the bodyguards of the Israeli team and the security personnel responsible for protecting Israeli fans.

The day before the match, and during the match we will be linked up with police to be able swiftly implement security measures if needs be and quickly remove undesirable elements from the stadium.

Following the match, we provide safe exit for the Israeli fans allowing them to safely leave the stadium; after the match, we hold special discussions with security personnel to analyze our experiences during the game. We are confident that the preventive measures and actions described above allow us to meet national and international safety standards described by UEFA F. A.R.E program concludes the announcement of the Győri ETO FC football club.

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zero said...

why bother even going .can't they find anybody else to play a friendly match.If not go home and play with themselves and don't come back

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