The European Parliament passed the Tavares report. The treasonous opposition supporting it

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The European Parliament has passed a report on Wednesday prepared by Rui Tavares Portuguese green-party MEP that initiates the creation of a supervisory board that monitors the activities of the Hungarian government. From the 701 representatives 370 supported and 249 voted against the report, 82 abstained.

The Hungarian government published a memorandum on the Tavares report on Tuesday, which among others, says the European Parliament abuses its powers, deeply unjust with Hungary and with the people of Hungary by using double standards against the Hungarian nation that the Hungarian government rejects. The government expressed its conviction that Hungarian-EP relations will remain within the boundaries and the framework set by agreements and should be in line with the practices of other EU member states.

PM Viktor Orbán: The Tavares report that the EU parliament has passed today seriously undermines the independence of Hungary. The Hungarian parliament is expected to issues a statement in response to the report on Thursday. "We can't accept that someone unilaterally overrides the basic agreements under which we entered the European Union" said the prime minister.

The three most dedicated globalist agents of the European Parliament, socialist Kinga Göncz and Csaba Tabajdi as well as Soviet trained vampire Lajos Bokros joined forces with the enemies of our nation and supported the Tavares report.

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Anonymous said...

It's time to get a DIVORCE.

Fidesz/Orban was elected by a 2/3rds plurality of the Hungarian populace.
The dictators and tyrants of Brussels were elected by no one. It is THEM who are totally and completely illegitimate according to the principles of "democracy".

Besides, the over-all net financial loss to HU is horrendous, as profits are NOT re-invested or spent in HU for a better life and more jobs, but removed from HU altogether. The only profits that remains in HU are used to acquire hard assets such as land and real estate (at bargain basement prices). Those very low prices are the direct result of the wealth created in HU, leaving HU.

The "EU money" coming in to HU is a FRACTION of what's removed; facilitated by EU rules and laws. Therefore, HU simply cannot protect itself with customs, duties, tariffs, etc from this bloodletting.

It is a real SHIT deal, folks...

Anonymous said...

Time to do another 1956.
That was for independence.
We may fare better this time; however, '56 did have significant pay-offs in the long run both domestically and internationally.
'56 did put the first cracks into the judeobolshevik Soviet monolith, with an awesome world-wide and Comblock-wide psychological impact, and the relaxed (relative to the other Comblock countries) Hungarian "goulashcommunism" was also a direct and positive result.

Anonymous said...

How insulting and paternalistic !

Hungary is not a little child in need of guidance. The EU should look into its own affairs - specifically, it has never had an AUDIT of its finances. The 20th - 21st Century(s) has been a disaster with these busy-body, low-life "politicians". There used to be statesmen, now we have gossip queens running nations and political unions. Grow-up EU !

This is how colonizers treat their vassals and colonies. You can see how the "boundaries" of acceptability have been pushed beyond-the-limit with these Globalizers. Snowden's revelations of 24x7 Stasi-style police-state eavesdropping and spying on EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE are the new acceptable "norm". You would think the EU would make this their absolute #1 priority - protecting the privacy and integrity of its citizens instead of pursuing political correctness PC and gossip.

The fools can't even get their priorities correct !

Anonymous said...

The EU Communitarian Agenda and The New Feudalists

( )

Communitarianist Ideology

The European Union is a major aspect of the `New World Order` and the so called `sustainable development` movement. The main objective of the Federal European State to be, is absolute social, personal and economic control in a collectivist and corporatist society. The philosophy behind the EU is a strange mixture of Capitalism and Communism - a form of Euro Marxism which owes much of its dogma to the Pre World War II Italian Marxist Philosopher, Antonio Gramsci.. The nearest ideology to that practiced by the EU is something called `Communitarianism`, or what Tony Blair called the 'Third Way'..

We are talking of a dialectical trap here, with Corporate money funding Socialism as Thesis, ideological Socialism as Antithesis and Communitarianism or the `new imperium` as Synthesis. Money grabs and concentrates power, whilst State Socialism promises the total redistribution of ownership and wealth. This contradiction provides an almost irresistible dynamic.

Communitarians want to create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state. Can anyone deny that their goals are firmly on course.

One of the most mysterious aspects of the European Union from a `lay-man's` standpoint is the decision making process. Even with only the bare minimum of research, it becomes clear that we the people have little or no influence on any of the decisions reached in our name and the subsequent diktats which inevitably follow. In this article/essay, I will try and identify the ideology and aims of the key socio- economic decisions that drive the EU, and how because of these decisions, our lives are increasingly no longer our own.

The socio political economic agenda of the EU is carefully and intentionally buried beneath myriad layers of tedious and unintelligible `newspeak`. Despite this, in recent years, as the pace of so called EU 'reform' has quickened, many researchers like myself have begun to expose and unravel this intentionally obtuse and often ambiguous jargon and reveal it for what it really is: A tool of confusion and misinformation intended towards the enslavement of the peoples of Europe by the rule of diktat and economic servitude..

Once the spotlight of investigation is shone directly at `the beast`, what emerges is a Communitarian Agenda driven solely by corporate interests. Monetary Profit is to be the `bottom line` on everything from public services to defence to the very useful environmental `Trojan Horse`. High sounding `non descriptions` precede cleverly worded specifics that determine that the one and only benchmark be an economic one...

Anonymous said...

Interesting review of the need for European National Cultural Identity to save Europe.

Waking Up from the American Dream:
Markus Willinger’s Generation Identity by Gregory Hood

...Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the ’68ers is a call to battle from European youth who have grown up in occupied territory.

What makes Willinger’s work so important is that it is not just a political document but a spiritual doctrine. He captures the contradictions and confusion of a generation that has been deliberately stripped of their culture, creeds, and countries in the name of a vague multiculturalism. Moreover, unlike simple reactionaries, Willinger has no illusion that history can go backwards. This is no pointless call to return to “traditional moral values” or some idealized past when everything was ok. Willinger doesn’t just tell us to go back to church or wave the flag to bring back patriotism...

Though de Gaulle was able to defeat the would-be revolution, and his Center-Right party even gained seats in the elections that followed, May ’68 had a huge impact on European society, government, and culture. It heralded the establishment of Cultural Marxism as the default culture of educated Western opinion. The rebellious young figures of the uprising, like the charismatic Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit (aka “Danny the Red”), have gone on to become the boring old bureaucrats of the European Parliament, lecturing the people of Europe on what products they are allowed to use, what they are allowed to say, and what they are allowed to think. Instead of the beginning of a new era of freedom, May ’68 was the beginning of what Keith Preston has called “Totalitarian Humanism.”...
There is nothing decent, worthwhile, or noble that this new establishment has not perverted or destroyed. At the same time, history does not go backwards – just appealing to the past is not enough....
More importantly, these charges are laid at the feet of the Generation of ’68, the leftists who got the chance to build the kind of utopian society they wanted and instead gave us a disaster combining the worst aspects of deracinated capitalism and self-loathing socialism. By framing the struggle as “us versus them” and identifying and acknowledging the powerful psychological impulses behind identitarians, Willinger is able to go beyond just writing a political platform. The political and cultural struggle is a necessary part of the effort to redeem the individual lives rendered meaningless by the Generation of ’68. The war without, the war to save Europe, is part of the effort each person must make to win the war within....
“A new political current is sweeping through Europe. It has one goal, one symbol, and one thought: Identity” ...
The battle cannot be won trading economic studies, policy recommendations, or abstract political theories based on outdated Enlightenment philosophers. It must be won with a creed that speaks to who we are as human beings and sees politics and culture as aspects of that organic whole. This is what Willinger gives us, and this is what makes this work invaluable....
More to the point, an identitarian struggle requires Europeans to remake themselves into something great if they are merely to survive.

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