The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world (and achieve spiritual victory in the process)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) I'm reaching out to you all with words of assurance as I write this story. By now, I think we all are overwhelmingly convinced that we live in an insane world. I call it the "post-reason era."

It's a world full of irrational people, criminal corporations, deceptive government, the abandonment of law and even the "dogmatizing" of the sciences which once claimed to be based on reason. In popular culture, we've got the insanity of the Trayvon Martin drama in which the abandonment of law is now institutionalized in the justice system itself, where prosecutors are allowed to commit crimes as part of a "trial," and state attorneys are encouraged to misapply the justice system so that it might be used as a political weapon.

In the realm of medicine, we've got patients being routinely poisoned with deadly chemicals in cancer clinics, infants being injected with deadly methyl mercury via vaccines, "preventive" double mastectomies being promoted as a women's rights issue, and now the new "bioethics" idea that parents have the right to abort newborn babies up to the age of three.

The mind-warping linguistic engineers in the media have infected the population with wild delusions while the banksters get subsidized by the government to keep stealing -- and losing -- your money over and over again. A toxic chemical variety of fluoride is dripped into the water supply to keep people in a never-ending state of mental stupor, and television is scripted to foment hatred, violence, division and paranoia so that the rise of the surveillance police state can continue relentlessly.

Terror events are plotted by the FBI, pedophiles run rampant throughout the culture and television is now sexualizing children and depicting six-year-olds dressed as prostitutes as "normal." Meanwhile, anyone who cites American history -- Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Payne -- is immediately branded a possible terrorist and then electronically stalked by the NSA which we now know is reading all our emails and listening to all our phone calls.

At every turn, our sanity is being sucker-punched by a culture gone mad. We are watching the downfall of civilization right before our very eyes,

So how do you stay sane as all this madness is swirling around you? I offer you six safe harbors, ranging from the practical to the spiritual:



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