The Gay parade took place in a hermetically sealed environment in Budapest

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Police completely sealed the route of the gay parade, nobody could get close to the marchers.

According to police estimate, about four thousand people took part this year's gay parade, half of them foreigners; women were overrepresented according to sources on the scene.

As we wrote earlier, the majority of Hungarian gays stay away from this sickening event that's why organizers had to invite foreigners to each year's parade. The liberal media that promoted the event 24 hours a day try to present this year's event as one of the biggest in history.

Police took one foreign citizen into custody. In the mean time, the liberal media doing its best to incite anti-Hungarian sentiments by spreading disinformation about alleged anti-gay incidents; according to liberal media reports, individuals dressed like members of the Hungarian Guard assaulted several gay people as they left the parade. If this is true at all the perpetrators might have been agent provocateurs trying to incite anti-Hungarian sentiments.

The liberal media complains that police let the alleged perpetrators go, which makes the report highly suspicious as police have the history of persecuting patriotic youth for the most trivial incidents. Either the reports are complete fabrication or police knew the identity of the agent provocateurs that staged the incident.

One of the biggest dilemma of the organizers of the gay parade is how to make the event a public picnic like in most western countries. Marching in a hermetically closed environment defeats the purpose of the march, as the impact of the event on the general public is greatly diminished by the confinement of the affair. If nothing, this is one of the greatest achievements of the anti-gay protests; by staging anti-gay demonstrations, protesters effectively preventing deviants to mingle with the public and promote sexual perversions like promiscuity, pedophilia and other sexual aberrations among the general public greatly reducing the impact of the gay propaganda on the community.



Anonymous said...

A personal story:
Got on the #4 or 6 tram on Szell Kalman, at about 2pm Saturday, to go to Nyugati PU (and then to take the Metro).
Three youngish (late 20s - early 30s) men were standing near the door in civilian clothes, wearing backpacks. I noticed them at about Margitsziget stop, that they were somehow military/armed forces, the erect alert look, very short hair, a (slight) level of arrogance and... black boots - in 30C deg. weather! B/C of the distance (I was siting) and ambient noise, I couldn't hear them. When I got up to get off at Nyugati, I got close/next to them and that's when I heard them. They were speaking Hebrew! Whoa! Wowzers! These ARE Mossad! What the hell are they up to HERE in Budapest? These are NOT tourists (the boots!). And at the same time I noticed the police everywhere outside shutting down the traffic. They got off with me at Nyugati. I went to the Metro and that was it, I didn't pay attention where THEY went - but the didn't come down to the Metro.

Later in the evening I read, that the "Magyar Garda" attacked gypsies at Nyugati. What's more, the police refused to investigate.
Per the accounts, the "attacking" "Magyar Garda" wore BLACK BOOTS and their uniforms. Now lets wonder what the three Israelis were going to at Nyugati, with stuffed backpacks, who were quite obviously Mossad? No wonder the police didn't investigate; obviously they were ORDERED NOT to. Can you imagine the problems if they somehow manage to find out who the actual perps were?

As an aside; since half of the marching homosexuals were foreigners, it is obviously a well planned event by foreign interests, forces and entities.

Very-very educational, eye-opening and disturbing of their meddling and false flag provocation(s) in Budapest, Hungary to blame the Garda and Jobbik. I would hazard to guess, that they are scared shitless of them, or at least they are seen as an obstacle of their long term plans. However, they are the world's foremost false flag perpetrators; Israel did 9/11 also.

Anonymous said...

Israel did 9/11 also? What a load of rubbish! Stupid Islamic terrorists are the biggest threat to mankinmd and freedom!

Anonymous said...

Israel did 9/11.
Get used to the notion, that we not only know, but ever more people do.
19 arabs with boxcutters... (rofl)
BTW, care to xplain WTC blg.7?
Your ignorance and gullibility is simply hilarious, or you are just a run-of-the-mill zioshill.

Do you want to talk about the reality of Santa Claus, goblins, and the Tooth Fairy as well?

Anonymous said...

A good circumstantial, but factual evidence that Israel did 9/11 is this:

After 9/11, a dragnet, manhunt went on by ALL US law-enforcement agencies. Of course, they were not told or privy to the info of Israel's involvement. They just simply did the detective work, followed leads, evidence, connections - regardless WHO got caught in the net. It was simply a dragnet.
And then, surprise, surprise. HUNDREDS (YES, hundreds!) of Israelis were implicated, involved, connected to it one way or another, and therefore arrested. More surprise: No Arabs caught in the dragnet.

Subsequent interrogations, lie detector tests, showed that they were lying.

And then, in December (or was it January?) they (the Israelis) were ALL released en masse, on orders of the Bush administration and shipped back to Israel. No charges were filed, no explanation was given for their release. Nothing, zilch, nada - as it never happened

These hundreds were ALL connected to 9/11 in various ways - hence their arrest. Now the logical question is, that if Israel is so innocent, why the hell are hundreds(!) of Israelis connected to it (and arrested), yet no Arabs?

Thorny (and unanswered) questions, and we are barely scratching the surface, as it gets a LOT more interesting, going further.

Anonymous said...

A very thorough work on that Israel did 9/11 is:
"Masters of Deception" by Zander C. Fuerza (illustrated).
Pdf download here:

It's a 200+ pages book, download speed varies, be patient. Further research can (and should) be done by following the hundreds of links provided. Spend the time. The proof of the truth is out there.

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