The new Hungarian national airline hasn't even launched but the naysayers already criticizing the company

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why "Sólyom"? They argue that the term "Sólyom" will be difficult to fit into the international language environment as foreigners won't be able to pronounce it. However, sources want to remain unanimous, informed Magyar Nemzet that the name was well-tested before it was picked and there was no problem for foreigners to pronounce it correctly.

However, there are more serious objections to the launching of the new Hungarian Airline. There are questions about the possible August launch as it turned out that the airline doesn't have the official operating license yet.

Others pointing out that Malév legacy flight rights outside the EU, the most valuable ones, have already sold out. Yet, again others argue that the European aviation sector is so crowded that a planned fleet of 50 planes airline has no chance to succeed.

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet approached company officials to get answers to some of the questions have been raised by critics. Hungarian National Airport sources said that the preparations for the launch of the new air carrier has been going on for one and a half year. In doing so, it was agreed that Oman and United Arab Emirates minority investors help launching the new company as the Hungarian economy and tourism would be in dire need of a Budapest-based Malev sized traditional air carrier.

The publicly available data of Sólyom Investment and Asset Management Holding shows that the company is owned by three Hungarian citizens and it has no foreign owners yet.

The company's capital is HUF 500 thousand and the holding founded more than a dozen additional smaller companies in May. According to the source, this network of smaller units will form the base of a system of companies that later specialize in prospective air-traffic related activities.

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