Vona: Jobbik plans large scale demonstrations in the fall

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jobbik plans mass demonstrations in the fall political season said party president Gábor Vona in an interview with “Magyar Hírlap”. Demonstrations will be held to support people that the Socialist party enticed into fraudulent mortgage schemes and now, losing their homes by the thousands and also to oppose the recently adopted land law in which case the party initiates a referendum.

Vona remarked that the incident in parliament in June when Jobbik MPs occupied the speaker's podium was a one shot event and the party doesn't plan similar actions in the future, but if the situation so requires, they won't hesitate to act again.

Jobbik will decide on the nomination of candidates for the next year national election at the next caucus meeting. In Jobbik, the party's local organizations nominate individual candidates. Three-quarters of the individual runners have already been selected, the party will decide on the rest in the next two weeks.

Vona also remarked that in the European Parliament election Jobbik expects four seats instead of the current three.

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