Zsófia Földházi wins gold medal in Modern Pentathlon European Championships women's division in Drzonków on Monday.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zsófia Földházi performed consistently throughout the day; in fencing she scored 904 points and took the seventh place; in the pool she finished third and was in third place overall.

After show jumping, she was in second place behind the leading Ukrainian competitor. In cross country run, with fantastic performance Földházi crossed the finish line first on her twentieth birthday winning the gold medal in the women's division.

"In one sentence, it was a good race," said Földházi to MTI.

"I collected a lot of points, I'm getting ready for the adult field". “Swimming and horseback riding didn't go well, but fencing has gone very well, despite the fact that I was a bit afraid of it." said Zsófia Földházi after winning the gold medal.

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