Agnes Vadai's dream

Friday, August 9, 2013

Former Socialist Member of Parliament Agnes Vadai, a close confidant of former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany -- the leader of the 'Democratic Coalition' -- recently, posted a photograph of herself titled “This is how artists see me” (the composite image showing her standing in front of a mirror).

Just by getting associated with Ferenc Gyurcsany, who volunteered to betray his country is a bad omen; but the law of attraction once again proved to be true in this case too, as Vadai is one of the most notorious Hungarian haters in the country.

Vadai apparently dissatisfied with her current physical appearance, but rather than using genuine ways to change her look, she used the only formula she knows – deception. She hired a photoshop artist to create an deceptive image of herself.

Ancient sages taught that the outward appearance is a reflection of the inner self. Those who are beautiful inside never have to worry of their physical looks. Vadai should pay heed to this age old maxim as journey into the realm of beauty always starts from within.



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Ugly, fat bitch...

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