American jerk wiped his ass with the Russian flag – he was kicked out of Russia

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Bloodhound Gang rock band can't play at the Russian music festival of Kuban after the band's bassist wiped out his rear end with the Russian flag according to a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The incident took place during a concert in Odessa, Ukraine where Jared Hasselhoff with an exclamation "Don't tell Putin!" put the flag in his underwear, and rubbed his groin and ass with the flag.

Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinskiy was informed about the incident on Friday, as the video recording of the concert was uploaded on YouTube. "I talked to the authorities of the region of Krasnoyarsk that organize the event; these idiots will never play at the Kuban festival" wrote the minister on Twitter.

Several rock bands from around the world are scheduled to play at the Kuban music festival including The Prodigy, Guano Apes and Scooter; the event runs from August 1 to 7.

Russia Today reporting that the fleeing American rock band's minivan was pelted with tomatoes by outraged Russian citizens who hold up banners that said “Go home, Pigs” and “Get out of Russia.”

Apparently, members of the American group were attacked at the city airport by Cossacks trying to strangle Jared Hasselhoff with the American flag.

A shaky YouTube video titled “the Cossacks beat Americans in Anapa” claimed to show the beginning of the brawl, in which the police promptly intervened.

“But the band’s troubles did not end there, as Hasselhoff was also interrogated by the police, amid calls for his prosecution.

'What the bass guitar player did – the desecration of the national flag – is a crime in Russia, and there are serious considerations among the authorities now to launch a criminal case.'

The Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin told Interfax he is 'ready' to deal with the case, if the Prosecution decides in favor of pursuing it” writes Russia Today.

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fnn said...

No one who's anyone cares about the American flag-they should have desecrated an Israeli flag for maximum impact.

Anonymous said...

He is either a CIA - Mossad agent provocateur, or a vulgar, low-class clown or all the above. The "Western" media is full of this trash as deflection and to create social wedges in society.

The New World Order NWO Western media is running a coordinated, anti-Russian (and anti-Asia, anti-Iran) smear propaganda campaign. The "Western elites" need maximum deflection from their decades of failures and the growing consciousness of their (social, political, financial) scams - the Global Awareness Movement.

Markus Willinger - Identitär Idé 5 / Identitarian Ideas 5 (29 juni 2013) "Generation Identity"

A century of engineered wars (WW1, WW2) and the current decade of $trillions (and millions of victims) on the phony, engineered "War on Terror" - "Viet Nam II" lost political - war campaigns - Lebanon (2006), Georgia (2008), Ukraine "Orange Revolution" (2008), Iraq ($5 trillion, 2 million dead), Afghanistan ($2 trillion, hundreds of thousands dead), Libya ($billions 160,000 dead), Egypt and the "Stalingrad of the West" - Syria ($billions, +100,000 dead). The NWO has been stopped in Syria - the elites are panicking (Syria, Iran weekly policy flip-flops) as they lose global hegemony and their empires are rapidly imploding.

'WWIII Covered up by a Slogan: “Responsibility to Protect” became the “Right to Protect” in “War on Terror”.'

The "West" has lost control (hegemony) of the Middle East, South America and are losing control over Europe. They need to engineer hate to deflect their agenda and failures. The "West" is in absolute, accelerated terminal decline (including financial) - imploding - the elites are terrified and panicking. The alternate media now has media hegemony - only naive fools believe the official line.

"New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane, while government dupes are crazy and hostile"

These talentless, classless wonders (The "Madonna" generation) should contrast their lack of "talent" (classless vulgarity) with their parent's generation of REAL musicians who actually actually had class, dignity and talent.

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire

JUDY COLLINS - "Someday Soon" HD 1969

Anonymous said...

The Globalists are taking aim at Russia with a focused propaganda campaign. The Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists are relentless with their intense propaganda. But it is a good opportunity to study their techniques.

Nationalist, Political Strategist Keith Preston discusses and dissects the Frankfurt School,
Cultural Marxist Political Correctness "PC" "Totalitarian Humanism" agenda and "Left" politics. A fascinating interview.

The Libertarian interviews Keith Preston

The Canadian CBC (Communist Broadcast Corporation) is a flag-bearing champion of the New World Order agenda. Totalitarian regimes use strong imagery to manipulate the Sheeple - notice the powerful images to elicit an emotional response and bind the emotions to a Marxist agenda. Great propaganda worthy of study.

"How not to boycott the Olympic Games
Russia's anti-gay law draws criticism, but historian says Olympic boycotts haven't been effective"

IOC wants more reassurances on Russian anti-gay law IOC president Jacques Rogge says 'Olympic charter is clear'

George Takei's (Mr. Sulu from Star Trek) fans divided over call to move Sochi Olympics to Vancouver

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