Do we survive the European Union or disappear from the map, this is the question at the dawn of the twenty-first century

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The European Union is rapidly moving towards a federal state in which the countries of Europe will lose their political and economic independence. The economic crisis and Brussels economic policies are forcing the countries of Europe towards the acceptance of the "United States of Europe"; it is clear that supporters of federalism have already mastered the necessary knowledge that was needed to run the Soviet Union and the United States.

In order to prevent the independent states of European even from the theoretical possibility of withdrawing from the new centralized structure, Brussels is aiming to destroy the states of Europe from the top by imposing tighter fiscal disciplines and transferring the management of economic policies into the hands of the European Commission, and from the "bottom" by undermining state control under the pretext of regionalism.

As a result, supporters of federalism have invented the concept of Euro-regions. According to this plan, each region would be made up by parts of different countries. The Euro-regions will have their own development programs and possess a significant degree of autonomy in order to escape from the control of national governments.

Rare to find any European politician today that have the courage and the will to stand up to the destruction of the independent states of Europe. In France, Marie Le Pen fights for the country's sovereignty and the preservation of national identity. In Britain both the opposition and the governing parties have expressed concerns over the EU's plan. Secretary of State for Local Government, Eric Picles accuses the EU with an attempt to 'wipe England off the map "and promised not to support Brussels' initiatives.

Among the countries of Eastern European, only Hungary has been fighting against the attempt by the EU to crash the country's sovereignty and national identity. Despite the fact that the EU sometimes promises to the leaders of the country to grant autonomy to Hungarian minorities in the neighboring countries, Budapest is in no hurry to support the EU's federal vision as the Hungarian politicians are not so naive to believe Brussels siren voices regarding the dismemberment of the Trianon Treaty and the restoration of "Greater Hungary".

In 1920, Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory and one quarter of its population, however, it remained a state. If the plan of the advocates of European federalism succeed, Hungary cease to exist together with other European countries as an independent nation state. Maybe this dismal future that motivates Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to refuse to cooperate with the IMF, and instead, tolerates Brussels' economic sanctions and look for geopolitical allies outside of Europe.

Last November, Angela Merkel announced that the time will come when "the European Commission becomes a government and the European Parliament becomes the parliament of a federal European state."

This day is getting closer, and the EU is becoming reminiscent of a trap into which the countries of Europe have been suckered into with promises of prosperity. We are going to learn soon, what countries will be able to escape from this genocidal plan and which ones will disappear forever from the map.

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