Giant Christ monument will be inaugurated on "Gordon-tető", Székelyföld on Saturday

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The nearly twenty-three meter tall Jesus monument, which also functions as a lookout will be inaugurated on Saturday.

Europe's fourth or fifth largest such creation was set up near the village of Farkaslaka; the construction of the tower initiated by civilians three years ago writes "Hargita Népe" and on Wednesday.

The figure of Christ has been modeled over a 21 meter high metal frame. The stairs leading up to the top of the monument has been placed inside the hollow section of the tower.

Locals will benefit a great deal from the structure; tourist started visiting the lookout even before the ground work around the monument has been completed said Lehel Kovács, mayor of the village of Farkaslaka.

The idea for the construction of the tower came from the president of the Foundation Protemp Árpád Magyari and the vicar of Gyergyószentmiklós István Hajdó in 2003. Members of the Foundation hope that the Christ monument becomes a place of pilgrimage just like Csíksomlyó.

Building of the tower has attracted much controversy; critics said it was tasteless and the artwork didn't fit into the natural environment. Others argue that the structure captured the spirit of the place and perfectly fits into the scenery and are expected to attract thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

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