Gypsies ate the entire swan population of Miskolctapolca lake resort

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Unidentified perpetrators (gypsies) by using special hooks, captured and ate the black swans of Miskolctapolca lake resort reporting

The resort is a very popular tourist destination for both locals and tourists. A few years ago, the manager of the resort, György Fekete purchased black swans from Holland. The swans hatched two chicks but they didn't have time left to bring them up. The swans were extremely popular with visitors, especially among children.

The white swans suffered the same fate, most of them were capture by the same suspects and ended up on the dinner plate -- only two have remained. The manager of the resort got tired of the constant struggle against thieves, he does not replace the stolen birds anymore.

The goldfish suffered the same fate as the swans.

Gypsies using a special method called "gereblyézés" to catch fish. This was confirmed by a reader who witnessed young gypsies by using the triple hook method pulled a large fish out of the water. Due to the continuous theft carp is slowly disappearing from the lake even if some of them unsuitable for human consumption.

The lake manager has tried to take precautions, but was unsuccessful. The full day and night surveillance of the lake is unresolved.

For gypsies swans are delicacy. In the early 90s in Austria Romanian gypsies captured and rosted the entire swan population of a lake near Vienna.

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Filthy Gypsies doing the same in Britain.

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