Higher spheres served justice: Feared gypsy criminal and Mafioso died in head-on collision

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Five gypsy criminals died in a head-on collision Wednesday evening on highway 6 – currently, police are investigating the accident. An Audi that was driven by repeat offender gypsy criminal Bácsku without drivers license collided head-on with a Lada Samara whose innocent driver also died in the accident.

Tolna County police spokesman Zsolt Steinbach confirmed that the accident caused by the driver of the Audi. Probably, nobody will be held accountable for the tragedy because everybody who has been involved in the incident died said the police spokesperson.

Police as usual say nothing about the identity of the individuals caused the accident. Sources that are familiar with the activities of the gypsy criminals however, confirmed the identity of the dead gypsies.

The driver of the car that caused the accident was forty-two year old repeat offender gypsy criminal Bácsku that moved to Fadd five years ago; he had spent 16 years in various correctional institutions before moving to the municipality; his criminal activities has been opposed even by his own tribesmen.

In the accident also died Bácsku's cousin, his brothers' two girlfriends and one of his clients that the gypsy criminal kidnapped for not being able to pay his debt as Bácsku also had a lucrative loansharking business.

According to sources, when Bácsku and his family moved to Fadd one of his rivals threw a Molotov cocktail at his house. The gypsy criminal however, was not impressed, he grabbed his samurai sword and stormed into his rival's house to intimidate him.

According to local sources, police  try to cover up the fact that the gypsy criminals had been involved in a fight in Paks a few hours earlier and they fled the crime scene when the accident occurred. Apparently, police also found 30.000 euros in his car.

The residents of Fadd however, are relieved as they got rid of a dreaded gypsy criminal that has tormented the municipality for years. Everyone was afraid of Bácsku even his tribesmen. He used to go shopping with samurai sword and threatened the cashier if she dared to ask him to pay for his purchases. He was also linked to several burglaries, thefts, and robberies said local sources.

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good karma

Anonymous said...

kavet kerek cukor nelkul kezd az elet edesedni a hianyuktol....

0jr said...

where is it buried .I want to take my dog there to poop on its grave

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