Hungarian girl of Vietnamese descent Hoang Thanh Trang wins European Chess Championship in Belgrade

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Excellent mental and physical condition are the key to victory says new European champion Hoang Thanh Trang.

Hoang Thanh Trang is the first Hungarian female winner of the tournament. She arrived to the Tuesday's press conference with a white limo. Miklós Seszták the president of the Hungarian Chess Federation welcomed the new European champion. He called Hoang's performance in Belgrade spectacular. He also mentioned that in July the Hungarian girls team under the age of 18 also won European championship in Maribor, and the boy team under the age of 16 finished fourth.

Hoang said to journalists that she exercised regularly, so she was in excellent mental and physical shape before the European Championships. Boosted her performance by the fact that the last year she already qualified for the World Cup, so there was no psychological burden on her.

"I competed seven European championships, at the beginning everything has gone well, but in the end I could not successfully finish the game. Therefore, now I've leaned even more opening steps like before, and I exercised a lot because in chess physical fitness is very important. If we are not healthy, we can not bring out the full potential of ourselves "- said the 33-year-old European champion.

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Géza said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I digress...
To me being Hungarian is not about blood or genes. It is total, unreserved acceptance and practice in WHOLE of the culture, language and traditions what we call "magyar" (or Hungarian). There are simply no Hungarians who call themselves Jews, Gypsies, or even Vietnamese. Those are NOT Hungarians, merely Hungarian citizens; a tolerated immigrant minority. (Nincsenek zsido vagy cigany magyarok. Es egy baromsag. Magyarok vannak es az a tobbi, akik viszont NEM magyarok).
However, once a minority of any kind embraces the Hungarian culture and ethos in its entirety(!) both outwardly and inwardly, and stops calling himself/herself a this or a that, then that person should be accepted as a Hungarian. I would add, that any "Hungarian" who embraces a religion other than Christianity, cannot be possibly called Hungarian as the tenets of a religion are ALWAYS the ethical bedrock of a culture. Since the Hungarian culture/nationhood is based on Christianity, it's incompatible with other religions at the very basic points. An agnostic is no problem; that creates no conflict in the ethical tenets and traditions of a nation.

However, as social anthropologists know, food (eating rituals) and sex/marriage are FUNDAMENTAL to cultures everywhere. For example: A religion which forbids to eat pork, consume alcohol yet it's a basic food staple of the dominant culture (WINE, palinka, beer), makes them utterly incompatible. Or multiple wives, dress codes, age of consent also prohibit conflict-free coexistence, therefore the acceptance of them being "Hungarian" is excluded and is a misnomer. It follows, that a Jew or Muslim cannot possibly become culturally assimilated, accepted, therefore be called Hungarian. Hungarians who embraced the Muslim faith, have ceased to be Hungarian, as they have REJECTED a significant part of Hungarian culture and traditions. I can't emphasize enough that food and ethics are fundamentally significant in ALL cultures.Those muslims can call themselves whatever the hell they want, except "magyar".
Az NEM magyar (tobbe), aki nem eszi meg a szalonnat vagy sertesporkoltet, nem hajlando bort kostolni, tobb feleseget akar mint egy, es es mindenfele oltozkodesi eloirasok ala veti lanyat es feleseget meg a 38 fokos hosegben is - ami mar embertelen.

Good example of cultural assimilation is the ex-French pres. Sarkozy, who had a bona-fide Hungarian nobleman father with a long, pure Hungarian bloodline, a half-French and half-Jewish mother, making him in effect only 1/4 French (+ half Hungarian and 1/4 Jew). Yet, because he totally embraced the French culture and ethos, thought himself as French, the French considered him French. End of story. He never made any bizarre claims, that he is a "this" or a "that", other than French.
This is the right attitude and approach, not picking on genes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, but what Geza said..I can't help but sense some prejudice in what she said. In fact, I will put it bluntly and say that her/his tone is very immature in that comment! Of course Hoang is not Hungarian by blood, but she represents Hungary since she is a citizen of that country. And let me add that she just won your country a medal so stop being insufferable brats.

-An angry Vietnamese girl

Anonymous said...

The discussion of multi-culturalism (anti-white agenda) gets bogged down into a senseless, divisive debate between (foreign) INDIVIDUALS and the (foreign)INVADING MOB (HORDE). INDIVIDUALS are largely irrelevant except for GLOBALIST multi-cultural propaganda - OK, the odd individual foreign invader makes a public Politically Correct PC contribution to society, so what ?

It is not worth arguing about INDIVIDUALS and making the NATIONALISTS look bad ("racists", "intolerant", etc.) by arguing about INDIVIDUALS - especially ones who actually make a positive contribution. It simply isn't worth the bad Public Relations - it is a loser issue. It hurts the international reputation, gives the GLOBALISTS negative propaganda and there needs to be a consensus with most national, ethnic citizens of what is acceptable - most nationals can accept a FEW INDIVIDUALS - this is the CONSENSUS POSITION. This can be turned into a NATIONALIST winning issue by highlighting the FEW INDIVIDUALS have largely adopted the NATIONAL CULTURE and support NATIONALISM - the threshold for a FEW foreign INVADERS to become citizens.

The issue is the (foreign)INVADING MOB (HORDE) - the LARGE NUMBERS OF INVADERS. This needs to be the clear FOCUS.

In addition, it is worth apply some basic psychology and linguistics to the issue.

The term "racist" needs to be turned into a NATIONALIST success - true NATIONALISTS want ALL races to succeed in their OWN COUNTRY. The issue is the GLOBALISTS destabilizing countries and interfering with self determination of nations.

People that accuse others of being "racists" are in fact practicing BIGOTRY (BIGOT - a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices). Therefore, turn - the - tables on a "racist" accuser by letting them know they are a bigot - a "racist" is just a SUBSET of the larger category of being a bigot. Essentially, how dare someone accuse someone else of something which is their own subjective belief - "racist". Does the accuser also accuse people of being UFOs and aliens because of their subjective beliefs ? This is just part of the "totalitarian humanism" agenda (we all have to believe the SAME thing or we are attacked) of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL of CULTURAL MARXISM - an anti-plurality of opinion (free speech) agenda. Checkout Keith Preston at for a further understanding of "totalitarian humanism".

Finally, understand the psychology of a "racist" "accuser" - they are deflecting their own emotions - insecurities, inferiority complex, anger onto someone else (the object). Does the "racist" accuser feel inferior because of their own subjective racial inferiority complex and this is why they REVERSE PROJECT their emotions onto the object ? This is basic psychology to dissect and disarm a "racist" accuser - they are reverse projecting their own emotional problems onto an object.

Checkout the short videos for clarity on the issue (good teaching tools):

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010

Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts

Anonymous said...

"Yes, but what Geza said..I can't help but sense some prejudice in what she said. In fact, I will put it bluntly and say that her/his tone is very immature in that comment!"

Geza could be an agent provocateur! He is blunt to create division.

Anonymous said...

^ Are you trying to pick a fight with me?

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