If members of parliament are not safe what ordinary citizens can expect?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fidesz's public order and security policy is a complete failure shown by the incident took place in Mezőkövesd Thursday morning -- thieves broke into Fidesz MP Katalin Csöbör's home in broad daylight while the deputy was at home -- said the vice-President of Jobbik Mezőkövesd wing Dr. Mihály Bóta at a press conference on Friday.

The vice-president reminded journalists that in 2010, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér made a bold promise: he restores law and order in the country in two weeks. Bóta stressed that the government's law enforcement and judicial policy has failed, shown by the fact that many times even the police themselves are not safe, and now, it turned out that even government deputies are not safe from criminals.

This week two Fidesz politicians experienced what ordinary citizens experience on a daily basis in Borsod county -- last week Interior Secretary András Tállai home was also broken into while he was sleeping in his bedroom -- which carries a wrong message to society said Dr. Bóta.

"If an interior ministry state secretary's home can be robbed while he is sleep in his bedroom, and another government representatives' home can be broken into in broad daylight while they were in the premises, than what can the residents of towns, villages and farms expect? Who will protect them?" asked the Jobbik politician.

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Activate the regional Hungarian Guard to maintain order.

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