Kyrgyz craftsmen occupied the Buda Castle

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Buda Castle Crafts Festival opened on Saturday in a picturesque part of Budapest. This year's featured guest of the four-day event is Kyrgyzstan that introduces ancient techniques of making wool and related crafts.

Folk artists from the Central Asian region introduce ancient techniques and special methods of creating all kinds of handicraft works relating to wool, which include creating rolled patterned fleece blanket, Kyrgyz hats, jewelry, custom-stitched Shirdi (Felt cover) and of special chii weaving.

Visitors can actively participate in workshop presentations to learn using wool as a raw material for crafts, such as weaving, making costumes, embroidery, and lace making. Children can learn the different stages of processing of wool.

In addition, participants can learn the secrets of basket-makers, candle makers, blacksmiths, potters and carvers. The novelty of this year's event is the master storyteller workshop where folk artists tell stories.

On the Savoy terrace and in the Lion Courtyard visitors can watch fashion shows and Hungarian and international folk dancers among others the “Kerekes Band”, “Szirtes Edina”, “Mókus and Fabula Rasa”, “Zurgó”, “Cimbaliband”, “Tárkány Művek”, “Bognár Szilvi”, “Szvorák Katalin”, the “Etnofon and Berecz András”.

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