Márton Gyöngyösi calls for a special session of the Foreign Affairs Committee on the crisis unfolding in Syria

Friday, August 30, 2013

According to Gyöngyösi, the Syrian conflict has reached the point when it is necessary that the Hungarian Parliament take a stand on the issue. To call a special session of the Foreign Affairs committee meeting, the signatures of four members of the committee are needed; besides three Jobbik members the support of one more representative from the other parties is also necessary to convene the meeting, perhaps Pierre Daher Syrian- Lebanese descent could be convinced to sign up said Gyöngyösi.

The Jobbik politician also remarked that there were disagreements in the United Nations Security Council about the Syrian crisis; the attack on Syria would be contrary to international law because there is no evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against its own people. It is also suspicious that the gas attack happened at the time when Syrian government's forces were winning the war against the rebels.

The Jobbik politician pointed out that the rebels have been supported by several Islamic extremist organizations, including Al Qaeda. Gyöngyösi recalled that before, Iraq was also attacked under the fabricated charges of having weapons of mass destruction. The war in Afghanistan was a complete failure too, it has left only chaos and casualties in its wake.

The Syrian campaign is not about democracy but it serves geopolitical and economic interests as well as, to ensure Israel's security in the region. It can be proven that Israel already used phosphorus bombs in Gaza in the past, yet no one called for retaliation against the country despite the thousands of victims added Gyöngyösi.

Major world powers are also opposing the military intervention in Syria (Great Britain, Russia, China). Therefore, Hungary should also take a stand on the issue and oppose the imminent invasion by the U.S. said Gyöngyösi adding that Hungarian soldiers should not be involved in any conflicts taking place in foreign lands.

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