Márton Gyöngyösi: Jobbik stands by the Assad government

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jobbik has always rejected the use of weapons banned under international law; if the deployment of chemical weapons in Syria actually turns out to be true, jobbik will condemn it regardless who committed the atrocity.

Jobbik however, concerned by the ominous developments in Syria, the systematic attempts by the West to find a casus belli for armed intervention. Jobbik rejects western provocations and the Hungarian government anti-Assad's position based on the servile approval of the policies of the Western Allies as well as al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations that are openly cooperating with Islamic extremists, such as Salafists, Wahhabists and other extremist forces.

By this policy, the West contradicts itself because it supports terrorism and subordinates not only Syria, but also the stability of the entire Middle East to its short-term interests.

Jobbik is convinced that the western powers and the UN Security Council, which is just a front for these powers are unfit to investigate the gas attack. This has been proved a decade ago when the west's shameful invasion of Iraq was approved by this organization on the basis of lies and propaganda campaigns.

Jobbik stands by the Assad government supported by an overwhelming majority of the Syrian people that over a half-century of its existence managed to create an economically, culturally and politically stable country. We hope that the Assad government will soon be able to stabilize the situation and continue governing the country in accord with the interests of the Syrian people writes the Jobbik politician.

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