Michael Dwyer († 24) might have been murdered at the airport by Bolivian security forces

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tóásó's stunning testimony in the Santa Cruz court room on Friday might bring major changes in the criminal proceedings against him if it turns out that there is no factual basis for the plotting charges against him and his co-defendants that survived a hotel raid by Bolivian special forces in 2009. The police operation claimed the lives of Irish national Michael Dwyer (†24), Hungarian nationals Eduárdó Rózsa-Flores (†49) and Árpád Magyarosi (†28).

In his testimony Előd Tóásó claimed that Irish Michael Dwyer survived the raid.

The raid in the Las Americas hotel in Santa Cruz by a Bolivian swat team lasted only five minutes. There was no gunfight, members of the swat team broke the door on us and started shooting told to the court in tears Tóásó.

When the police operation was over, they pulled my T-shirt over my head, and put me in a vehicle. I was driven to the airport and police made me kneel in the airport tarmac. Looking through my shirt I saw Michel Dwyer was kneeling right next to me. When police noticed that I could see they dragged me away and I was beaten up. Then, I heard gunshots, and I've never seen Dwyer again. Tóásó's testimony was confirmed by his fellow co-defendant Mario Tadic as well.

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