Remains of fallen Hungarian soldiers will be exhumed and reburied in Belarus

Monday, August 19, 2013

"I'm completely satisfied with the Belorussian government agencies' readiness for co-operation" said Major Roland Maruzs the head of the Hungarian War Graves Commission responsible for the maintenance and care of the graves of fallen Hungarian soldiers.

Major Maruzs noted that the Belorussian people preserves good memories of the Hungarian army that stationed in their country during the Second Word War.

Belorussian experts visited us in the spring, and we established excellent working relations with them said Major Maruzs.

A few months ago, Hungarian ministry of defense officials flew to Minsk and visited fifteen military burial sites with Belorussian colleagues. The inventory of the grave sites had been made by Royal Hungarian Army officers during the war, often literally at the last minute. The Major noted that three thousand soldiers died in the Belorussian operational theaters of war, but realistically only six hundred to eight hundred remains could be recovered.

The remains will be re-buried with military honors in a central cemetery in Belarus, and the graves will be marked with a monument, which also commemorates to soldiers disappeared in action.

In some cases we might succeed to identify the remains with full accuracy, but in many other cases there is no chance to identify them due to significant environmental changes have been taken place since the war - for example, residential or industrial parks were constructed over the burial sites.

"The central cemetery hasn't been selected yet," said the Major. The work of recovery of the remains will be conducted by Belorussian Army experts but Hungarian experts will be present during the recovery phase.

Most Hungarian soldiers died in Belarus due to partisan attacks. The number of Hungarian soldiers killed in World War II are difficult to estimate, but probably more people died in Soviet captivity than in the fightings. A database provided by Russian officials indicating that nearly sixty-eight thousand Hungarian soldiers died in Soviet war camps. But the number could be much higher because during transportation and in the transitional camps war prisoners were not registered; a huge number of prisoners of war died during these phases of captivity. The number of Hungarian soldiers killed in combat operations is estimated to be 150-180 thousand said Maruzs.

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I've been digging up graves for the last 10 years in Romania in order to find lost soldiers. Ops sorry romania I think I've been digging up romanians the whole time. Never the less I've managed to shut the local dogs up. But once again sorry

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