Russian Patriarch says gays destroy mankind

Friday, August 2, 2013


Anonymous said...

Poor little GAY puppet Canada and the taxpayer funded, Cultural Marxist - mouth-piece Communist Broadcast Corporation (CBC) propaganda machine has to make sure they tow the Politically Correct (PC) line. Too insecure to be independent of their Globalist masters and stop being a gossip-queen busy-body.

Funny how all these issues exist in the "minds" of the mainstream media when the general populace couldn't care less. But, that is what propaganda and social engineering are all about. A flurry of these stories come out in sequence to reinforce the propaganda. Look at the DATES on all these "stories" - all within a week ! Intense propaganda !

Hard to believe governments and the media engage in busy-body gossip concerning other nations.

The Foreign Affairs Minister's favorite color is apparently ... ahhm ... pink.

John Baird blasts 'hateful' Russian anti-gay law
Foreign minister says Ottawa has raised concerns privately before and after signing of law

NDP wants tougher stance on Russia, but no Sochi boycott Anti-gay laws in 2014 Winter Olympics host country concern athletes

Russian minister warns it won't allow gay rights activism at Sochi Games - IOC said it had received non-discrimination assurances

Should Olympians fear Russia's anti-gay laws?
'Everyone will have to be more aware' of team's safety, former Olympian says

Russia's anti-gay laws prompt vodka, Olympics boycott

Canada criticizes Russian asylum for leaker Snowden - Foreign affairs minister Baird calls Russia 'an outlier in the G8'

Ellen DeGeneres to return as Oscars host
Emmy-winning talk show host gets 2nd chance as Oscars emcee

Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame 2013
Jason Collins, Greg Louganis among inductees

Same-sex couples applying for U.S. visas to be treated equally

Anonymous said...

GAY Sweden has to get into the GAY propaganda BLITZ too ! Amazing how the globalist media agencies coordinate their propaganda for a global propaganda blitz ! Look at the DATES of the propaganda - all within the last week - month !

Even the Pope decided to be gay this week ! If he is so "open", why doesn't he allow priests to (traditionally) marry like normal people - the Western Ukrainian Catholic priests marry like normal people ?

Pope Francis says he won't judge gays -
Says homosexual orientation is not sinful but gay acts are; also says 'door is closed' to female priests

Posted: Jul 29, 2013


Pro-LGBT Americans join Stockholm Pride
Published: 2 Aug 2013

Is Sweden the most gay-friendly country?
Published: 2 Aug 2013

Russia needs a total gay rights U-turn: minister
Published: 1 Aug 2013

Top ten faces of proudly gay friendly Sweden
Published: 24 Jul 2013

Gay haters pelt eggs at Swedish minister
Published: 27 Jul 2013

Stockholm Pride artist slams 'barbaric' Russia
Published: 1 Aug 2013

Swedish lesbians wed more often than gay men
Published: 26 Jul 2013

Swedish gay rights group in gay marriage threat
Published: 4 Jul 2013

Flamboyant rainbow crowd besieges Russian embassy

Topless Femen activists arrested outside Russian embassy in Stockholm

Anonymous said...

The COORDINATED Globalist GAY media BLITZ is coming out so fast, it is hard to keep up !

The irony is if any normal person criticizes the propaganda in the slightest, they will be relentlessly attacked !

Olympic Swedes 'too Swedish' for LGBT demo
Published: 2 Aug 2013

Anonymous said...

Let's call them what they are.
Homosexuals are freaks of nature.

They are nature's mistakes, like a host of others which occur in the course of human reproduction.

I don't see, nor I approve of people with birth defects that don't limit movement or intellectual performance, getting special privileges or dispensation.

Anonymous said...

The Jews are driving the World's faggots' agenda.
Just look at the faggot-dyke organizations' founders and top dogs.
They read like a members' roster of a Synagogue.
Look it up for yourself if you are ignorant of this.

Why are they doing this?
It divisive of (Christian) societies, therefore fundamentally undermines society, tradition, ethics and religion.
And THAT'S the Jews GOAL; to destruct, to destroy Western (Christian) civilization. The Protocols are bluntly clear on this. (READ it!)

Anonymous said...

The Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist propaganda has no limits. They will relentlessly promote their agenda with intensity. If they are concerned about "humanity", why don't they show some compassion for the people of Syria or the middle east who have had their lives devastated ? It is important to identify the propaganda and the agenda behind it.

This is too much !

Archie comic's first gay kiss

Baird hopes 'decency will prevail' at Sochi Olympics Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is 'concerned,' but not in favour of a boycott

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