“Sziget”, the other major multicultural festival of the summer ended yesterday

Monday, August 12, 2013

I've already mentioned the Ozora drug fest, but that is not the only “cultural” event of the summer; we also have the “Sziget” festival, which is officially an international music festival, but in truth visitors come here to indulge in sex and in some herb for mood rather than hang out with second rate performers.

The “Sziget” is an annual crime infested multicultural event like the Ozora drug fest, but way bigger.

So far, 83 criminal offenses have been registered by police at the "Hajógyári" Island in Budapest where the Sziget festival is held. (This is a mid-week police statistics the final numbers are much higher.)

Third district police chief Lt. Col. Antal Horvath said to MTI that most of the crimes committed on the festival site are theft, pickpocketing, robbery and drug dealing; 88 percent of the victims are foreigners, the majority of them Dutch citizens.

Before Friday, 27 individuals had been caught using or dealing with drugs; two Nigerians and two Slovak nationals were arrested; the former two for drug dealing, the latter two for theft.

So far, police have been seized 384 grams of "herbs" and powdered drugs, 416 pieces of various pills and 98 packets of herbal derivatives - possibly marijuana. The colonel pointed out that among the drugs seized there are cannabis, hash, and ecstasy.

The colonel confirmed that uniformed and plainclothes police officers are patrolling the festival site including two British police officers.

Le Monde, a daily newspaper in France, praised the high quality multicultural event as a counter example to the Hungarian government's conservative cultural policies.

Funkhaus Europa German public radio was so thrilled that even set up a studio on the festival site.

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